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Current status

Test release Fedora-7-Test4-KDE-Live .


Create a KDE based LiveCD for Fedora 7.

Due to limitations of the size of a cd there should be two versions:

1. A CD-Version: The Live-CD should contain most of the basic KDE packages and some of the most powerful applications from outside KDE 2. A DVD-Version: The Live-CD adds support for localization and would also bring some additional packages


There should also be localized versions of a livecd. This could be done in two ways:

1. Create a DVD-Version with all available packages needed for localization (kde-i18n-*, koffice-langpack-* and some scim and fonts packages. 2. Create a howto so that local communities are able to create their own localized live-cds easily.


  • livecd-creator must support creating dvds (actual version in git seems to do so)

Test Plan

  • Decide on included packages for live cd
  • Test all included packages if they work correctly
  • Test installation to hard drive

Fedora-7-Test4-KDE-Live has it's own testplan .


All installed packages are listed in the package list .

Suggestions for packages to include

Not all packages available from current PackageList for KDE would fit on one cd. In this section there is a place for suggestions. Feel free to add yours.

  • speedcrunch (should be included after package split of kdeutils)
  • zip, unzip, arj, kdiff3, krename for satisfying krusader

There are a few packages that should not be included:

  • firefox and evolution (due to limitation of size)
  • dolphin (not ready yet to be a replacement for konqueror in KDE3)

Creating own spin

To create an own version you must download about 580 MB and the creation of an iso (without download time) takes at least 40 min on an Athlon XP 2400+, 1GB Ram.

First install livecd-creator from extras-development:

Then master the livecd (as root):

livecd-creator --config=/usr/share/livecd-tools/livecd-fedora-kde.ks

Some hints