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Known problems

There are a few issues that are known in test4:

  • The KDE-LiveCD is only in english. That's a problem due to the limited space on the cd. This means no kde-i18n-* and koffice-langpack-*.
  • gdm is used instead of kdm (kdm is broken atm and lacking support for ConsoleKit)
  • knetworkmanager is not included in test4. This was a mistake.
  • After installation the default kde splash is not echo (#233881 : this is workarounded on the livecd)
  • After installation the kicker icons for browser and email are not working (would be fixed in #230023 or in kickerrc itself). On the livecd it is workarounded.
  • the services "readahead_early" and "readahead_later" are enabled - on the gnome cd they are disabled. (they change on the gnome cd come to late to fix this for the kde cd.)
  • on laptops there are two icons for powersaving: one from klaptop and one from kpowersave (#237654 ). klaptop will be packaged in a subpackage soon.

Test Plan

Some notes of what aspects should be tested:

  • Are all programs usable on the livecd?
  • Is installation working?
  • Is gdm usable?
  • Are there some essential packages missing?
  • Lisa is enabled. Is it working on a livecd or should it be disabled?

Please keep in mind that the livecd is also used for installing Fedora 7.