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Create a local repository

To create a local repository which contains all the needed rpms do the following:

1. Install needed "createrepo" and "yum-utils"

2. Assuming your username is "user" create a directory which contains the repositories core and extras:

3. Then grab the packages from current PackageList and save it to the file "/home/user/livecd-repository/packagelist"

4. Change to the created directory

5. Download all needed files from the repositories [development] and [extras-development] to the directories:

Downloading could take some time. You must download at least 670 MB.

6. You will also need the comps.xml from development:

7. At last create the local repositories:

createrepo -g repodata/comps.xml extras

To use this repositories with livecd-creator overwrite the standard repos with this option:

--config=./livecd-fedora-kde.ks \
--repo=d7,file:///home/user/livecd-repository/core \