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Due to the limited space on one single cd the official versions of a KDE live cd could not include all localziations for KDE. This page describes the changes that are needed to the official kickstart file to create your own localized cd.

Installation of needed tools

Of course you need the package livecd-tools to create your own livecd. It is shipped with F7, so the installation is quite easy:

Because you must change the normal kickstart file you should create a local copy of it:

package inclusions

Of course you must include at least the KDE or Koffice packages for your language. Normally with this ones the cd would get bigger than 700 megs. So some other packages should be exluded. The best start is, to exclude some or all of the fonts packages:


This would be the best choice to save some space. If your language needs some of them, you could manually include them:


And you must include the needed language packs for kde, koffice and maybe aspell. Here is an example for a german version.


language settings

The next step would be to set some options to your language. Normally this would be at least the $LANG, keyboard and timezone. This ones are at the top of the kickstart file:

lang de_DE.UTF-8
keyboard de-latin1-nodeadkeys
timezone Europe/Berlin

creation of the localized spin

This is the same as described in the LiveCDHowTo

Links to local spins

Be aware that these spins are not shipped by fedora and are not official ones: