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This page is dedicated to the test3 release of a kde livecd for Fedora 7.

Known problems

There are a few issues that are known in test3:

  • knetworkmanager vs. kwifimanager: kwifimanager will be included in a subpackage within the kde-package-split.
  • After installation to harddisk the default desktop would be Gnome (#233472 : fixed anaconda didn't make it to test3)
  • After installation the default kde splash is not echo (#233881 : this is workarounded on the livecd)
  • Installation to harddisk may not be bootable ("Failed to execute /init"). See workarounds to get it bootable.

Test Plan

It is planned to release an official version. Some notes of what aspects should be tested:

  • Are all programs usuable on the livecd?
  • Is installation working?
  • Is selinux working (on livecd and installation)?

When testing is done there are some questions that should be discussed before test4:

  • What packages should be added or removed?
  • What services are not needed and should be disabled?

Please keep in mind that the livecd is also used for installing Fedora 7.


Here are some workarounds for problems that may occure:

Installation to harddisk is not bootable

If you installed the livecd to harddisk you may get this error after trying to boot the installation:

Failed to execute /init
Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.

It is not clear why this happens but it seems that it is related to selinux. To workaround this you must create a new initrd for this installation. This could be done from an alternative installation or from the livecd itself. All commands must be run as root:

1. First deactivate enforcing:

2. Then create a mountpoint for the installation and mount it. Replace sdXY with the correct partition (eg. sdb1):

3. Next chroot into the installation and create a new initrd:

4. If this is done umount the directories and reenable enforcing:

5. Reboot into the new installation.