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TeXLive 2007


Replace teTeX with TeXLive.


  • Name: JindrichNovy

Current status

This feature is now reviewed and built in rawhide
  • Targeted release: Fedora 9
  • Last updated: 2008-04-10
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

F8 targeted SRPMS/specs can be found at:

F9 targeted sources are located at:

List of bugs for rawhide TeXLive can be found at:

Review requests (finished, just for reference):

Include the new updating scheme? Needs discussion, feel free to post comments to the bug.

How to install TeXLive to replace teTeX on F8

Copy texlive.repo to your /etc/yum.repos.d/, it can be downloaded from:


yum install texlive texlive-latex

This will install TeXLive with TeX and LaTeX support.

In case teTeX is already installed on your system and you want to update it to TeXLive, just type:

yum update

And teTeX will be updated to TeXLive.

Note that an upgrade path is not guaranteed to be saved in F8 so if you encounter any problem in your current TeX Live installation after upgrade, please yum remove texlive and reinstall it again. It should solve most of the problems. Interim dvipdfmx may also be problematic, if so yum remove dvipdfmx and reinstall should be enough.

Usage cases/rationale

teTeX is not maintained any more so we do not want to be stuck with an unmaintained upstream for too long. Furthermore TeXLive has more styles with active upstream community.


Requires determining a package set, generating a distribution profile, and doing testing.

Test Plan

  1. Test that introduced TeXLive package set replaces teTeX properly.
  2. Test all features you want to see in the new TeX in Fedora and speak up if you miss any.
  3. Test that packages with dependencies on tetex-* could be replaced with texlive-* and that they rebuild/work successfully.

If you want to replace your teTeX installtion by TeXLive using F8, read:


TeXLive depends on:


Links grabbed from [1]

  • TeX Live Homepage

  • The teTeX Homepage

  • From: Thomas Esser <te <at>>

Subject: teTeX: no next release Newsgroups: gmane.comp.tex.tetex.announce Date: 2006-05-22 08:38:21 GMT

  • teTeX upstream not maintained any more, what next?

  • TeXLive 2007 released:

Contingency Plan

None needed. TeXLive replaces teTeX functionality. It contains newer styles/updated packages with better functionality and fixed security issues.


Official upstream documentation can be found at Documentation for each package included to the TeXLive distribution can be found in the texlive-doc subpackage.

Release Notes

TeXLive is actively developed and modern TeX formatting system which is widely used for typesetting, scientific and presentation purposes.

User Comments

Add your comments here if you have any :-)

  • I tested the packages on Fedora 8 with a document, and here are two things I had to do to make it works: first of all I had to run /usr/bin/updmap-sys to get rid of a esint problem, and second I had to remove "parskip" (I don't even know what that is good for) from the documentclass options (class scrreprt) since it doesn't work together with subfloat). Nevertheless it was a success because for example Bibtex is now able to handle unicode chars without any problem. So thx for these packages :) --RolandWolters
  • Now using Fedora 10. For example, there is a package named as texlive-base-bin in Debian based OS, which amongst other utilities has the command "getnonfreefonts-sys" for gathering non-free font types such as Arial, etc. Texlive 2007 for Fedora does not include these tools. --JoelDavila