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I found a problem in a Guide

On occasion errors are found in one of our formal guides. The sources for each guide are stored in Git repositories on Pagure, and each repository has its own "issues" section where you can report problems. The easiest way to find the correct repository is to click the "Edit this page" link in the top right corner of the page where you found a problem; this will take you to the specific repository containing this content. Then click the Issues link on top of the page and open a new one, describing the problem. We appreciate your input and patches are welcome!

I found a problem on the wiki

You're in luck! The wiki is a community collaboration tool so you can make the change yourself! Help:Editing has everything you need to know.

I have a comment for the documentation owner

You can also communicate directly with the Docs Project if you have questions.

I want to see what documentation bugs have been reported

Issues are tracked in a set of separate repositories. Most (but not all) of these repositories can be found in Pagure in the Fedora Docs project. Unfortunately there is no single view that would show all reported issues across all repositories.

I have an idea for a document

Fantastic! Join the Docs Project