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This is the Official Wiki Page for the Respins SIG.

Table of Contents

1) Mission:

Our mission is to provide the community at large a Updated ISO Image that allows them a ready-made Demo ISO for things like Installfests, Conferences/local Events (Colleges -- like CS Program students learning to use Linux), as well as a ready-made image that can serve as a Rescue media in the event of a Borked install. We also provide on request Multi-Boot ISOs namely for our Ambassador attended events and installfests which have ALL 7 ( sometimes with an additional lab spin) all made into a single burnable ISO ( generally this one is 9-10Gb in all compared to ~750mb-1.5Gb).

The images are available at:

2) How to help

You can help in many ways:

  • Publicizing the effort far and wide
  • Assisting in requests for one-offs for Events
  • Seeding or soliciting Universities or those with more bandwidth to mirror and/or Seed the Respins so as to broaden the reach and lessen the load
  • Testing the .iso builds before they are publicly released - announcements looking for testers will often appear in the #fedora channel and the #fedora-respins channel on the Libera IRC network

3) How to request a Respin or One off for Events ( Ambassador Events, Local LUG,College Events, Installfest, etc) - Please make a request in the #fedora-respins IRC channel on the Libera IRC network.

4) How to Join the SIG - You must have an FAS account and request to be added by asking in the #fedora-respins IRC channel on the Libera Chat IRC network.