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Căutăm ajutor

Proiectul Fedora are nevoie de ajutorul dumneavoastră!

Interested in contributing but not sure where to start? Have no fear, the Help Wanted page is here! This page is a central point where you, the intrepid Fedora users, can learn about where the Fedora leadership and developers need more help.


Using Fedora is part of your participation in Fedora as a project. Help other Fedora users in forums, mailings lists, IRC channels and in real life conversations and make their Fedora experience a better one. Use Fedora tracking tool (bugzilla) to send in your bug reports and suggest other feature enhancements . Help them [wiki:Self:Communicate Communicate] .


Are you interested in exciting jobs working in the Fedora Project? Refer to Careers for any positions available.


If you are looking to donate money, there are some creative ways in which you can do that. For more details , see Contribute

Fedora Community Free Media

Fedora Community Free Media , a volunteer initiative under the Fedora Ambassadors Program , aims to distribute Fedora media (DVDs) for free to individuals. Local Fedora Ambassadors or contributors are invited to participate.

Go to an Event or be a Fedora Ambassador

The Fedora Project is always looking for representatives and participants for upcoming Events . Fedora ["Ambassadors"] are are people like you and me, who go to places where other Linux users and potential converts gather and tell them about Fedora — the project and the distribution. You can be one too.

Maintainers for Fedora Package Collection

One of the best ways to contribute to Fedora development is to provide new packages for Fedora through [wiki:Self:PackageMaintainers Fedora Package Collection] .

Skills Required:

  • RPM packaging
  • General Linux operating system knowledge
  • Familiarity with Fedora as a user, sysadmin, and developer
  • Understand and follow the Packaging Guidelines
  • Be receptive to peer input and bug reports
  • Programming skills are helpful but not required

If you do not have any of these skills, don't worry. If you have the interest you can always learn. When you submit a new package for review more experienced maintainers would guide you through the process.


Cover a Beat

Write a release notes beat. It's a useful, bite-sized way to contribute to your favorite part of Fedora.

Read DocsProject/ReleaseNotes/Beats for more about relnotes beats, and help them be written at Docs/Beats .

Technical Documentation

The [wiki:Self:DocsProject Fedora Documentation Project] writes Fedora-specific technical documentation, release notes, and other related materials. It is also responsible for Fedora's websites, tutorials, and distributing translated documentation.

WhyJoin - Why join the Documentation Project?

NewWriters - Guide for new writers


By translating the Fedora documentation and websites you can help Fedora reach new communities.

See the [wiki:Self:DocsProject Documentation Project] and Websites initiative to get started.

Bug Triage

The Fedora Bug Triage Project aims to manage the influx of bug reports that Fedora developers face. It is currently in need of a leader - please feel free to contact WillWoods if you have any questions about it.

Testing and QA

If you are interested in tinkering with software or just want to make sure every software in Fedora works as expected you can get involved with testing. See the Testing guide for details.


Would you like your family and friends, and those without advanced computer skills, to use Fedora? Or would you like to help provide coherence, accessibility and intuitiveness for users of Fedora and its associated resources? Refer to Usability for details.

Fedora Art and Graphics

The Fedora Artwork project produces much of the artwork seen in the Fedora distribution. Artists may also be needed with the [wiki:Self:Marketing Fedora Marketing Project] and the [wiki:Self:DocsProject Fedora Documentation Project] .

On the Web

You can help maintain this web site. Start by visiting WikiEditing, then have a look around. There are plenty of areas where you can contribute. Just look for where you think you can add something.

If you have skills in web design and programming, we would love to have you involved in the Websites team .

Administration and Infrastructure

We'd love to have sysadmins and infrastructure developers get involved in Fedora. There is a lot of work left to be done to help make contributing easier and more enjoyable! For more information, see the Fedora Infrastructure page.

Write/Translate Fedora Projects Weekly Reports

Refer to ["Projects"] page for more information on this.