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OLPC Package Status

This is a list of packages currently forked from Fedora 9.

OLPC has a list that includes the reasoning behind some of these issues:

There's also a current update on the merge status on Fedora OLPC List here. The plan at the moment is to get this all merged in once there is a decision on whether the OLPC 9.1 release is using Fedora 9 or 10.


The following packages should no longer be forked. They can be untagged, and should no longer be built against or included.

Package Name Related Bug(s) Notes
pyabiword should not be needed.
dotconf .spec file identical to F-9
python-dotconf .spec file identical to F-9
speech-dispatcher .spec file identical to F-9

Forked for deps

The following packages are forked because the Fedora version pulls in too many dependencies. We should work with the Fedora package owner to split the package so the extra deps aren't pulled in.

Package Name Related Bug(s) Notes
sugar-evince olpc#7926, olpc#7926 minimal evince for the XO, should be in fedora and pulled in from there
gnome-python2 rhbz#456122 needed to drop deps, package should be split up some so that we can use fedora's package
gnome-vfs2 456119 needed to drop some dependencies, also had to add a patch to make it work even if ~/.gnome2 doesn't exist. PBR - Q: What about the new gio?
totem need a minimal totem that doesnt bring in perl and some gnome libraries, F-9's was horribly broken, we are using totem from rawhide. Also had to add a patch to disable CPU-hungry audio visualization in the browser plugin.
totem-pl-parser rhbz#456113, gbz#522639 Forked to drop huge dep chain
gnash forked for deps

Forked for features

The following packages have patches or other differences required by the XO hardware or the OLPC software. We should work with the Fedora package owner to integrate the patches or changes with the Fedora packages where possible.

Package Name Related Bug(s) Notes
poppler 456602 sugar-evince does not work against the latest version of poppler. Should be easy to fix but needs to be done when OLPC development is not frozen.
texlive rebuild against the old poppler
telepathy-salut/OLPC- has a patch that disables security that upstream wouldnt take. wanted them to add it as a run time option. the dbus security breaks rainbow because rainbow executes activites as different uid's, and the uids of the activities dont have proper permissions
telepathy-gabble same issues as telepathy-salut
xorg-x11-server needed to enable evdev. Fedora disables it because evdev wasn't ready for F9. It may be in F10. - August 12, 2008
libX11 olpc#7474 This is to fix a bug which affects the Amharic keyboard layout, and it affects the Fedora package as well. Sayamindu Dasgupta will complete the patch, and submit it.

F-9 package as well.

NetworkManager we are using 0.6.x there is work being done to move to 0.7, see wiki page
olpcsound its a subset of csound for the XO; olpc doesn't want to carry a tk/tcl dependency, which is built into csound. We should have this version included in Fedora alongside csound.
olpc-utils olpc only though could likely live in fedora just fine
ohm makes no sense on any other hardware though wouldnt hurt being fedora.
hulahop needs pyxpcom which is not enabled in fedora's xulrunner
xulrunner 454890 436581 needed to enable pyxpcom it needs to get enabled in fedora so that browse can work, caillon is working on this. - August 12, 2008. Also forked to remove deps.
initscripts What sort of changes are being made here? JeremyKatz -August 12, 2008
upstart init doesnt run as pid 1 due to the way the intramfs runs, this needs to be fixed. -August 12, 2008
xkeyboard-config changed some keymappings, really should get fixed properly. A few patches from OLPC are still outstanding, but should be included in the next release.
fedora-release different macros for dist. probbaly should write a olpc-release just for olpc
kernel (not built in koji right now) Deepak Saxena will provide more details later. August 12, 2008

Forked forever

These packages will always have to be forked:

(None for now)

Fixed: Merged with Fedora mainline (Fedora 9 or Rawhide)

These packages have the required fixes merged with upstream (Fedora 9 or rawhide) but need confirmation that OLPC is now using the upstream package.

Package Name Related Bug(s) Notes
sugar-artwork no longer using.
sugar no longer using.
sugar-toolkit no longer using, using F-9 packages now
sugar-datastore no longer using, using F-9 packages now
sugar-base no longer using, using F-9 packages now
SDL_mixer Droped perl - Fedora 9 doesn't depend on perl anymore, still forked?
gstreamer-plugins-base 456118 462620 needed to drop perl dependency there is one plugin that pulls in perl. First bug is for OLPC fork, the second is a request to split out into sub package which is now upstream in Rawhide.
xorg-x11-utils 456609 dropped some dependencies, fixed in Fedora for F10
gstreamer-plugins-good PBR - There looks to be a fork of this that is no longer required. Can someone confirm?
ntp 456116 was because of perl requirement, which was dropped in F-9
mtd-utils perl requirement split out into sub-package in F-10
hal RHBZ 459300 hal-0.5.11-2 in Fedora 9 polls OLPC's battery a lot - fixed upstream
abiword RHBZ 463924 should not be needed. Fixed in upstream svn, will be fixed in abiword 2.6.5
pygame rhbz#457074 should use fedora's, once F9 has updated to 1.8 and uses numpy rather than numeric. PBR: This is upstream in F-9 now, has OLPC been merged back to mainline?