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Fedora Directory Server CVS repository

CVS checkout instructions

To get access to a CVS tree for anonymous read-only access, you will need to do the following:

  • set your CVSROOT variable:
export CVSROOT
  • Log into the CVS server using an empty password when asked for the anonymous password (just press Enter):
cvs login
(press Enter when prompted for the password)
  • Checkout your desired module. Currently, the only available module is the 'ldapserver' module. To get it, run:
cvs checkout ldapserver

Web-view modules for Fedora Directory Server CVS tree

The following web-view systems are available:

CVS commits mailing list for Fedora Directory Server

There is a mailing list where all the patches commited in the Fedora Directory Server repository are sent. If you would like to keep up2date with all the code changes, please subscribe to the fedora-directory-commits mailing list .