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This page is for historical reference only.

The Fedora Project is leading the creation of a new community around RPM. One in which the leaders can come from Fedora, from Red Hat, from Novell, from Mandriva, or from anywhere. Job #1 is to take the current RPM codebase and clean it up, and in doing so work with all the other people and groups who rely on RPM to build a first-rate upstream project.

Newer upstream RPM is available

This page is to get pro and contra about the changes of RPM upstream development. If any of the below listings are inaccurate or if you have additional information, please update this list! But before updating/commenting this list, you really should have tried a current RPM version or exactly know its features.

Description of change, feature, enhancement Pro/Contra Comments
Working rollback support (./) Configuration option, could be disabled
Automatic dependency generation from libtool, pkgconfig, java, python (./) Configuration option, could be disabled
Run-time perl(...) provides name space dependency set (./)
--nosignature replaces --nogpg and --nopgp (./)
Suggests:, Enhances:, Requires(hint), Build{Suggests, Enhances}: and BuildRequires(hint) spec syntax and as parameter to --query Warning.png Use could be forbidden by policy AKA Packaging Guidelines
Convert changelogs to UTF-8 on input and output (./)
--dupes popt alias (./)
perl::RPM2 (as rpm-perl-4.4.x) (./) Similar package is on it's way into Fedora Extras
Truncate %changelog to no. of entries or date (./) Configuration option, could be disabled
Run-time probe for e.g. functional NPTL system includes --{cpuinfo, rpmlib,sysinfo, getconf, elf, ldconfiguname} options + cpuinfo(foo) and friends (./) IMHO very useful
Ignore %ghost vs. %ghost file conflicts (./)
Display -Va dependency failures as Requires: or Conflicts: (./)
soname(/path/to/ run-time dependency probe (./) Configuration option, disabled per default
Eliminate RPMTAG_{SERIAL, COPYRIGHT, SOURCEPACKAGE} names Warning.png Currently resolved for createrepo, rpmlint
Implementation of %triggerprein scriptlets (./)
Generic /usr/src/rpm path for building (./) Very good, as it is Fedora Core and not Red Hat (Enterprise) Linux. This is easily configurable in current Fedora RPM.
Add system configurable provides read from /etc/rpm/sysinfo (./)
Add --target to rpm queries (./) Being able to query by architecture will be nice for i386/x86_64 and ppc/ppc64 (also Aurora sparc/sparc64)
Revert to older/slower perldeps avoid getOutputFrom() error (./) Is this a pro or a con? :P Heh, we're avoiding errors ;)
Debugging labels for pre/post trans scriptlet execution (./)
Automated cpio/tar payload detection installing *.rpm packages (./)
Functional tar payload creation/extraction in/from *.rpm packages (./)
x86_64: remove gcc warning cruft (./)
Pass disk space errors using 64 bits (./)
Handle files up to 4Gb in packages (./)
Don't install on read-only file systems (./)
Add --noconfig and --nodoc to query/verify modes (./) Implemented personally for me, thanks jbj ;-)
Handle trailing delimiters in rpmvercmp more carefully (./)
ppc: detect certain cpu's as "ppc", not "ppciseries" (./)
Checking for packaged parent directories at run-time ("orphan directories") Warning.png 3 lines to disable until packaging misery in Fedora Core is resolved (e.g. #192850, #192854, #193237, #191581). Without disabling the order of packages installed first within anaconda maybe changes (filesystem provides /)
Checking for dangling symlinks at run-time (RPMTAG_FILELINKTOS) Warning.png 3 lines to disable until packaging misery in Fedora Core is resolved (e.g. #193475, #193477)
RIPEMD-160 and RIPEMD-128 digest support (./)
sha1/sha256/sha384/sha512 file digests as well as md2/md4/m5 and tiger192 digests (./)
:yaml query format extension (./) Just perfect!
Countless tiny fixes and stabilisations of Python and Perl API (./)
Remove SELinux context verification (./) Was removed in Fedora RPM, too
Add /usr/bin/rpmdigest (./)
Teach --scripts about pre- and post-transaction scriptlets (./)
IPv4/6 and EPSV support (./) Patched into Fedora RPM, too
Autofetch for virgin sources and patches (./)
(./) Pro
Warning.png Could be a problem
{X} Contra

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Red Hat Bugzilla ID #174307

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