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Russian Fedora Remix is made by Russian Fedora team. It was produced since Fedora 10 and released simultaneously with Fedora distribution.

What is the difference between Fedora and RFRemix?

Some applications which are often required by Russian users are not included in Fedora distribution by default. So our team make an effort to save time of customization of Fedora for users needs. Our long-term goal os to push (almost) all these packages to Fedora directly (we opened a feature-tracking ticket).

The main goals of RFRemix are:

  • to adapt the distribution for Russian-speaking users needs;
  • to provide some level of support in Russian language (forum, mailing lists, bugzilla);
  • to simplify contact within community:
    • local communication in Russian;
    • help users to overcome language barriers;
  • slightly faster response on critical bugs than that of mainstream Fedora (at least we're trying to fix issues faster)

About the last version

The last version is RFRemix 14

Features of RFRemix 14

Features of RFRemix 13.1

This release includes all current updates (on September, 1th). The following bugs has been fixed:

  • rf#164 – was added to LiveDVD-KDE;
  • rf#165 – fix login after LiveDVD-KDE install;
  • rf#171 – add knetworkmanager-vpnc, knetworkmanager-pptp, knetworkmanager-openvpn packages to KDE Live CD/DVD;
  • rf#172 – fixed display manager selection on first boot;
  • rf#176 – all GPG keys from /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/ were imported to rpm database (on Live disks);
  • rf#177 – added out-of-tree kernel drivers for several wireless cards (kmod-wl, kmod-rt2860, kmod-rt2870, kmod-rt3070) to Live disks;
  • rf#179 – flash-plugin on 32-bit system does not depend on nspluginwrapper anymore;
  • rf#180 – increased autologin time on Live disks (where gdm is used).

Features of RFRemix 13

  • Restricted multimedia codecs support out of the box (no software patents allowed in Russia) - by enabling RPMFusion repositories;
  • Several packages were added which haven't been included in official version. For example, XFCE, LXDE;
  • Added proprietary drivers for nVidia videcards, ATI videocards, several wi-fi adapters etc;
  • Added ability to choose between freetype with and without bytecode interpreter;
  • Added ability to choose different keyboard shortcuts to toggle between languages (for Russian language);
  • Firstboot allows to change some system settings:
    • enable/disable IPv6;
    • enable/disable ctrl+alt+backspace in X11;
    • select Login Manager (XDM/KDM/GDM);
    • ability to choose between more different installation variants (KDE desktop, LXDE desktop);
    • user now may choose only minimal set of GNOME / KDE packages;
    • SELinux may be switched to Permissive mode via Firstboot;
    • and many more.