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Meeting details

Agenda ideas

  • What we want to do for the FAD?
    • Who is coming? What do they care about?
    • Ideas so far - Summer coding (GSoC);
    • Where for dinner afterward?
  • Booth details - what is left for the expo floor?
  • Volunteers, contributors, and friends - who is coming?
    • Richard Fontana will be around
    • Alejandro Acosta will come up from Mexico (LATAM presente!)
    • Larry Cafiero
    • Karsten Wade
    • Ben Williams (no relation)
    • Scott Williams (no relation)
    • Clint Savage
  • Do we have anything e.g. Birds of a Feather for Sat. night?
    • Can we plan something that is user-focused?
  • Misc.
    • What needs printing in advance?
    • What gear do we have, what do we need?
    • What are we shipping?
    • What might not make it?
    • Can we find something with the Sugar presenter(s)?
  • Recruiting
    • How can we attract more contributors?
    • Any presenters or other expo members who may be interested in talking to?
  • Budget happy?