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The Southeast Linuxfest is scheduled for June 8-10 2018 at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport Charlotte, NC

Date and time

June 8-10, 2018.

Why Does FEDORA Attend Southeast Fest

Southeast LinuxFest draws from several surrounding states. Attending this event enables us to demonstrate the powerful and versatile Workstation, Server, and Atomic operating system software offered from Fedora.

What is the focus of the event

Our focus this year is going to be on Workstation, although we would also like to talk to people about Modularity, since this is planned for the Fedora 28 release. This is a prime opportunity to showcase what Fedora Workstation offers to the everyday user and to the system administrator looking to deploy new software on their company’s network (which also presents a great opportunity to showcase Server and Modularity).

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to specific Fedora solutions — and why are those particular solutions strategically important

This event has a unique way of drawing individuals from different areas around the southeast. Many travel from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. The areas listed do not have Free and Open Source events where attendees can learn or contribute. With such are large area of Linux users that attend the event in Charlotte the opportunity to reach the widespread area and promote the Fedora Workstation. When looking at the Ambassadors membership areas there are very few from (if any) from Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee. This is strategically important since the event focuses on areas that are not routinely focused on Linux distributions.

How does our attendance at this event build users of or contributors to the Fedora platform overall

Southeast LinuxFest is centered on the everyday user and tailored to those who are just starting out or just want to learn more about the world of Free and Open Source Software. New users greatly improve our baseline and provide critical feedback on Fedora and what we could improve on. With respect to our experienced users their technical feedback on Fedora is always welcome and greatly encouraged. This is a prime opportunity to seek contributors and new users in these areas. Since there is very little data about the southern states Fedora can be easily promoted to those states that have no community events outside of Local User Groups. This is also in turn expands our baseline of users and most importantly the ability to expand our contributors to the project.

There also is another aspect of this event which demonstrates the versatility of Fedora with respect to Amateur Radio enthusiasts. We have on hand several individuals involved in Amateur Radio that can demonstrate the interoperability of Fedora with our Amateur Radio Special Interest Group and the ability to become a licensed Amateur Radio Operator. Ben Williams is also planning on submitting a talk about how to use Fedora for Ham Radio. Nick Bebout may co-present with him. We are also going to be coordinating a Ham Radio License test session at SELF, as we have done the past several years.

Measured Success

There are many ways that data can be collected. Each event has vastly different attendees, which can be difficult determine how to collect data from the attendees. The measured success during this event relies on the ambassadors working the booth and the ability to speak to each attendee and encourage each individual to provide feedback on Fedora Workstation and the project. Our success is measured on having our booth visitors fill out a non personal questionnaire that details their experience at the booth and about Fedora in specific. Each DVD that is distributed will be counted and identified to the individuals need and use for the software. The questionnaire will also ask the attendee on what they like or dislike about Fedora, current Operating system being used, and if the individual would like to get involved in the project which is started immediately after receiving the questionnaire if the individual has expressed interest in being involved in the project. The data will be included on the final report for the event and available for all to review.

Event Specifics

Friday, June 8

  • Registration
  • Expo Hall Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Speaker Schedule TBD
  • After hours events TBD

Saturday, June 9

  • Registration
  • Expo Hall Open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Speaker Schedule TBD
  • After hours events TBD

Sunday, June 10

  • Registration
  • Expo Hall Open 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Speaker Schedule TBD
  • Sponsor Lunch 11:30


Welcoming all Free and Open Source Software professionals, enthusiasts, and everyone interested in learning more about Free and Open Source Software to the Charlotte North Carolina area.

The 2017 SouthEast LinuxFest will be held at the Sheraton Charlotte Airport (3315 Scott Futrell Dr, Charlotte, NC 28208). Those booking within the SELF block will receive the following benefits:

   Free shuttle to/from Charlotte Douglas International Airport
   Free on site parking
   $102/night room rate (Only for those in SELF’s block)
   Free in room wireless internet (Only for those in SELF’s block)

The special rate and free internet offer are only valid until mid-May and subject to availability. If you get an error saying no rooms available at the link below, please contact us immediately at so we can get more rooms added if possible. If that is not possible, we can at least tell you what day(s) availability still remains.


The event is free and open to the public. Registration is not required for attendees, but preferred.


The following Fedora Contributors are presenting at SELF

  • Ben Williams - Amateur Radio Testing Session, Amateur Radio -Past Present and Future, How to Create updated Fedora Lives
  • Nick Bebout - Amateur Radio Testing Session, GPG Key Signing Party, Proposed Talk: GPG


You can check out what is scheduled so far and the finalized schedule here;

Event volunteers

If you are planning on attending the Southeast LinuxFest, please contact the event owners:


Item Details Budget Actual
Sponsorship Bronze is $500, Edu/Org is $50 $0 $
Hotel Room for Williams $377 $
Hotel Room for A&J Ward $377 $
Hotel Room for Rosnel $0 $
Fuel For A&J Ward $102.00 $
Fuel for Williams $23.00 $
Shipping and Supplies $101.00 $
Current Total $980.00 $
Requested Budget Total $1000.00