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*nirik starts looking around for folks here for the Xfce SIG meeting. Jun 10 14:58
---cwickert has changed the topic to: "XFCE SIG Meeting" Jun 10 14:58
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nirik afternoon cwickert Jun 10 14:59
cwickert hi nirik Jun 10 14:59
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cwickert do we want to start the first Xfce SIG meeting now, although we are only two presons? Jun 10 15:00
nirik we could do a short meeting... also leave a few minutes for other folks to show up. Jun 10 15:00
cwickert not sure if Rahul and John will attend, I did not receive any feedback from them Jun 10 15:02
nirik although if just 2 of us are here, it sounds like this time is not good for more people. Jun 10 15:02
nirik yeah, I didn't either... Jun 10 15:02
nirik mether: you around? Jun 10 15:02
mether yeah Jun 10 15:02
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nirik so, topics I wanted to go over (in no particular order): Xfce live media, outstanding bugs we have now, enhancements progress for f10, getting more folks involved (bug triagers? docs folks?) Jun 10 15:03
kanarip ! Jun 10 15:03
nirik any other ajenda items folks would like to put forward? Jun 10 15:04
nirik kanarip: go ahead Jun 10 15:04
kanarip XFCE Live media (or live media in general) is to become a "Feature" - and should thus be finished during the appropriate freezes etc Jun 10 15:04
nirik kanarip: great. How about a F9 one? Jun 10 15:04
kanarip i recommend you (or the spin maintainers) request access to the gitspin-kickstarts group (which mether already has) Jun 10 15:04
kanarip nirik, that has been requested (ticket #24 at rel-eng on their hosted space) Jun 10 15:05
kanarip as i understood from mether that the current kickstart is GOLDEN for F-9 Jun 10 15:05
nirik ok, great. Thanks for the info. Jun 10 15:05
kanarip it's a heads-up for what is going to happen for F-10 Jun 10 15:05
kanarip eof Jun 10 15:06
cwickert so what's the problem with the F9 Xfce spin? Jun 10 15:06
mether nirik: cwickert, you might want to git clone the repo and look at the ks file just to see if there is anything else to be done but I think I have made all the changes we discussed earlier Jun 10 15:06
mether cwickert: there isnt any problem as such. rel-eng just has to do it Jun 10 15:06
nirik cwickert: I think it's just waiting to be spun (is that a word?) Jun 10 15:06
kanarip git clone git:// Jun 10 15:06
cwickert mether: ok, thanks Jun 10 15:07
*kanarip off again Jun 10 15:07
nirik yeah, last I looked at the ks it looked all good. Thanks again for working on it mether. Jun 10 15:07
mether Although I think having the spin SIG get access to do it would be good Jun 10 15:07
mether nirik: np. Jun 10 15:07
nirik anything more on live media? or shall we move on ? Jun 10 15:07
mether kanarip: do you know when the spins are going to be released? Jun 10 15:08
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---nirik has changed the topic to: Xfce SIG - outstanding bugs Jun 10 15:09
nirik I have a quick and dirty tinyurl for outstanding open bugs (I'm sure I missed some packages): Jun 10 15:09
mether nirik: might want to insert that in the SIG page Jun 10 15:10
nirik The two bugging me right now are the "xfce-settings-show doesn't work" and "reboot/shutdown don't work from quit in Xfce"... I can't duplicate either, and haven't gotten much response from reporters. Jun 10 15:10
nirik mether: good idea... it might need some more tweaking, but I can do that. Jun 10 15:10
mether nirik: post to fedora-devel list and see if anyone else can reproduce it? Jun 10 15:11
nirik might be worth a shot... or fedora-list? (I don't subscribe there tho) Jun 10 15:12
cwickert or set them to needinfo and close them if the reporters do not respoind within two weeks Jun 10 15:12
nirik also an option... it's been reported several times tho, which makes me think there is a real bug going on. Jun 10 15:12
mether well yes, asking explicitly for small help usually does get good responses Jun 10 15:13
mether in any of the lists Jun 10 15:13
nirik any other outstanding bugs anyone would like to discuss? Jun 10 15:13
cwickert but I guess the bug is not in xfce-session but has something to do with dbus Jun 10 15:13
cwickert ristretto review Jun 10 15:14
nirik yeah, just haven't gotten to it... was planning on it soon. Jun 10 15:14
cwickert Jun 10 15:14
bugbot_ Bug 351531: medium, medium, ---, Nobody's working on this, feel free to take it, NEW , Review Request: ristretto - Image-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment Jun 10 15:14
nirik got real busy. ;( Jun 10 15:14
nirik I can go ahead and take it now, and try and review later tonight... Jun 10 15:14
cwickert the problem ist that ristretto is still crashing on rawhide, but works fine here in F9 Jun 10 15:15
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nirik I wasn't seeing the crash... but yeah, I was testing with f9. Jun 10 15:15
mether isnt the same case for the new xfce archiver too? Jun 10 15:15
nirik I can test in rawhide when I do the review too. Jun 10 15:15
cwickert mether: huh? first time I hear that Jun 10 15:16
mether squeeze Jun 10 15:16
nirik squeeze crashes everywhere for me. Jun 10 15:16
mether right Jun 10 15:16
nirik well, s/crashes/takes up all memory and locks the machine/ Jun 10 15:16
mether iirc, it is the same upstream for both these components Jun 10 15:16
cwickert I thought you were talking about xarchiver Jun 10 15:16
mether cwickert: i didnt remember the name squeeze earlier which is why i said new xfce archiver Jun 10 15:17
cwickert np Jun 10 15:17
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nirik I can poke upstream about squeeze too... again. Jun 10 15:17
mether why is it that we are the only distribution seeing it Jun 10 15:17
mether any ideas? Jun 10 15:17
nirik there was a recent update that claimed to fix crashing... but didn't seem to make it better here. Jun 10 15:18
mether ok Jun 10 15:18
mether how much are we in touch with upstream and other distribution xfce maintainers? Jun 10 15:19
mether in general, not just specific to these crashes Jun 10 15:19
nirik bug 433174 is the squeeze review BTW Jun 10 15:19
bugbot_ Bug medium, medium, ---, Christoph Wickert, ASSIGNED , Review Request: squeeze - A modern and advanced archive manager for the Xfce Desktop Environment Jun 10 15:19
nirik I am on all the upstream lists... but I don't post there too much... Jun 10 15:19
nirik note that squeeze and ristretto are not part of core Xfce. Jun 10 15:20
mether well not much is Jun 10 15:20
nirik yeah. Jun 10 15:20
mether I dont mind us waiting till we get the crashes fixed before putting them in the repo or the spin Jun 10 15:21
mether i see both xubuntu and the new Mandriva Xfce live cd ship these as default however Jun 10 15:21
nirik yeah, might be worth looking at if they have patches for the issues we are seeing, but have not upstreamed them. Jun 10 15:22
mether patches in all xfce related packages for other distros is something we need to keep an eye on Jun 10 15:22
mether i see lots of patches in other distributions and dont know their upstream status Jun 10 15:23
cwickert I'm in contact with some of the goodies devs, but none of them is maintainer I think Jun 10 15:23
nirik sure. Would be nice if there was an easy way to find those instead of poking around in each place... Jun 10 15:23
nirik ok, shall we move on to looking forward for f10? Jun 10 15:24
---Xfce :Unknown command Jun 10 15:24
---nirik has changed the topic to: Xfce SIG - F10 ideas Jun 10 15:24
mether Jun 10 15:24
mether thats the best thing we got now Jun 10 15:24
nirik sadly, I seem to be seeing the DNS snafu here and isn't resolving right now. ;( I can look later tho. Jun 10 15:25
mether is there any plans upstream for a new Xfce release? Jun 10 15:25
nirik 4.6 is in progress, but I wouldn't count on anything in the F10 timeframe. Jun 10 15:25
mether so what are the ideas for Fedora 10? Jun 10 15:26
nirik we should finish getting the fedora icon for the menu... Jun 10 15:26
nirik any other appearance/look changes done (eariler this time) Jun 10 15:26
cwickert xfce 4.6 is scheduled for 28th of September 2008 Jun 10 15:26
cwickert according to Jun 10 15:27
nirik well, they were trying to schedule. I don't know that they really got buy in from everyone on that. Jun 10 15:27
nirik when is f10 feature freeze? do we know yet? Jun 10 15:28
mether Jun 10 15:29
mether 2008-08-19 Jun 10 15:29
cwickert so it is most likely that 4.6 will not make it into F10 Jun 10 15:30
mether yes, I think we can assume it wouldn't Jun 10 15:31
nirik sorry, phone Jun 10 15:32
cwickert F10 devel freeze is only two days after the planned release of 4.6 which is a very small time frame Jun 10 15:32
mether well if the release is just the matter of tagging the same content, then it is ok Jun 10 15:33
mether it depends on how well upstream as well as Fedora stick to their schedules Jun 10 15:34
mether if we can introduce a new release earlier in the development cycle, we can safely tag it close to or even slightly after a feature freeze Jun 10 15:34
mether Xfce upstream release schedules so far appear to be pretty ad-hoc so I wouldnt rely on that too much yet Jun 10 15:35
cwickert the problem with xfce 4.6 is that they will micrate from xfce-mcs-manager to a new settings framework called xfconf Jun 10 15:35
cwickert it will take some time till all plugins etc are ported Jun 10 15:36
mether upstream xfce should take a closer look at dconf and gio. we cant really influence that much Jun 10 15:38
mether what about suspend/resume support? Jun 10 15:39
mether any way to tackle that for Fedora 10? Jun 10 15:39
cwickert long term plan is to write an own app called xfpower Jun 10 15:40
mether other distros seemed to have hacked in g-p-m or something meanwhile Jun 10 15:41
nirik sorry, emerg from client. ;( Off phone now. Jun 10 15:41
cwickert by now we have the following options: a) gnome-power-manager b) battery applet 4 Xfce4 panel from or c) the hal based branch of xfce4-battery applet Jun 10 15:42
nirik I think for 4.6 we will need to just watch and see where we are in the cycle when they start getting close to releases... I really suspect it won't make F10 tho. Jun 10 15:42
cwickert b) works fine for me but seems to be stalled upstream, because the maintainer did not know of c) when we wrote it Jun 10 15:42
cwickert nirik: agreed, we only can wait for releases Jun 10 15:43
nirik there was also a GSoC plan to get someone to work on a xfpower, but Xfce got turned down this year... so that didn't happen. Jun 10 15:44
cwickert really? I did not know that Jun 10 15:44
nirik Jun 10 15:44
mether which of the options is good for us to pick? Jun 10 15:44
mether at this point Jun 10 15:45
mether rather than waiting for a long time for upstream to develop a solution Jun 10 15:45
cwickert I did some testing with the battery applet 4 Xfce4 panel and for me it works fine. you can grab a package from Jun 10 15:45
nirik perhaps we should all evaluate the options and decide after looking at them? I haven't really looked at them all... Jun 10 15:46
cwickert the hal based xfce4-battery-plugin will not be released before Xfce 4.6 Jun 10 15:46
nirik is this yet another one: ? Jun 10 15:47
mether that seems Jun 10 15:47
mether a abandoned fork of g-p-m Jun 10 15:47
cwickert interesting... Jun 10 15:47
cwickert will take a look at it later, for now I agree with Kevin that we should evaluate all options first and decide on them later Jun 10 15:48
cwickert any other plans for F10? Jun 10 15:49
mether ok then Jun 10 15:49
cwickert xfburn 0.3 was released last week Jun 10 15:49
cwickert I have started to package it but unfortunately it needs a newer libburn, so I filed a RFE Jun 10 15:49
mether ok btw Jun 10 15:50
mether brasero Jun 10 15:50
cwickert Jun 10 15:50
bugbot_ Bug 450264: low, low, ---, Jesse Keating, NEW , RFE: Please upgrade to 0.4.8 Jun 10 15:50
mether has dropped some spurious dependencies in the latest svn branch Jun 10 15:50
f13 cwickert: whoops, I saw that, I'll get on that soon Jun 10 15:50
f13 cwickert: like tomorrow perhaps Jun 10 15:50
nirik any news on the icon in fedora-logos? Jun 10 15:50
cwickert f13 thanks Jun 10 15:50
*nirik should have cc'ed on that bug... Jun 10 15:50
f13 cwickert: actually, I thikn that package has cvsextras commit access, you're welcome to update it if I don't get there first Jun 10 15:50
cwickert ok, I can commit the changes I made locally but it needs some more testing Jun 10 15:51
f13 cool Jun 10 15:51
cwickert nirik: unfortunatly not, but Jun 10 15:52
cwickert the bug is already filed Jun 10 15:52
nirik yeah, just added myself to cc on it. Jun 10 15:52
cwickert Jun 10 15:52
bugbot_ Bug 445986: low, low, ---, David Zeuthen, NEW , RFE: Include a fedora logo for the Xfce panel Jun 10 15:52
cwickert you are not cc'ed there Jun 10 15:52
nirik reload it? I am now. Jun 10 15:53
cwickert ok, just needed to refresh the page Jun 10 15:53
nirik ok, shall we move on? Jun 10 15:53
cwickert yes. more ideas for F10? Jun 10 15:54
---nirik has changed the topic to: Xfce SIG - recruiting new folks Jun 10 15:54
nirik I don't have any more F10 ideas off the top of my head... Jun 10 15:54
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cwickert ok, move on then Jun 10 15:54
nirik I would like to try and get some more folks interested... would be good to get some docs and/or triage people interested... or just end users that provide feedback. Jun 10 15:55
nirik any thoughts on how to do that? Jun 10 15:55
cwickert I have a coulple of xfce users at the german whom I usually ask for feedback Jun 10 15:55
nirik there are a few on #fedora I help out occasionally. Jun 10 15:56
cwickert but noone of them is a fedora contributor, so I think I have to convince them to become one Jun 10 15:56
nirik even just ideas/feedback on things that they would like to see might be good... Jun 10 15:56
nirik I can try and ping #fedora and #fedora-devel before meetings, and perhaps advertise in the mailing lists again,. Jun 10 15:57
cwickert yeah, especially feedback in bugzilla would help. will start a call at Jun 10 15:57
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nirik do we want to do weekly or bi-weekly meetings? Jun 10 15:57
mether bi weekly should be enough Jun 10 15:58
cwickert +1 IMO bi-weekly meetings are enough, we could switch to weekly meetings when it gets more Jun 10 15:58
nirik sounds good to me. Jun 10 15:58
nirik any further business? Jun 10 15:58
---nirik has changed the topic to: Xfce SIG - open floor Jun 10 15:59
cwickert some more status reports Jun 10 15:59
cwickert places plugin with support for mountpoints with UUID has been released, will do the update tonight Jun 10 15:59
cwickert well, if the buildsys is available Jun 10 16:00
nirik cool! Jun 10 16:00
cwickert that's all I have, I think the rest is on good shape Jun 10 16:00
nirik excellent. Thanks for coming. Hopefully we will have more folks next time. Jun 10 16:01
nirik I will add the log to the wiki whenever I can reach it again... unless one of you wants to beat me to it. Jun 10 16:02
nirik --- Xfce SIG meeting end -- Jun 10 16:02
cwickert can you also write the meeting minutes? Jun 10 16:02
---nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule Jun 10 16:02
nirik sure. Jun 10 16:03
cwickert thanks Jun 10 16:03
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