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Generic fancy laptop showing the Asahi Linux logo on a Fedora blue background

Fedora Asahi Special Interest Group


The goal of this SIG is to help the folks working on support for ARM-based Apple Macintosh computers (otherwise known as "Apple Silicon Macs").

To help with this, SIG members will maintain packages related to this support in Fedora Linux and work with the upstream Asahi Linux project.

We are also aiming to produce a Fedora Asahi Remix in the near future; a preliminary version is available at and that's where we'll publish official releases as well.


This SIG is organized around the @asahi-sig FAS group:

This is the group in Dist-Git:

There is a discussion mailing list, which you are welcome to subscribe to:

There is also a private mailing list:

The private list is primarily used for the asahi-sig Bugzilla account which used to assign ARM Macintosh bugs to.

We also have a user support forum on Fedora Discussion (which handles all Asahi Linux platform user support):

Our real-time chat channel is on Matrix:

Our project tracking is on Pagure:

We maintain a set of add-on packages for supporting ARM Macintosh platforms in COPR: