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Fedora Atomic Desktops Special Interest Group (SIG)

SIG to co-ordinate efforts related to all Fedora Atomic Desktops (or rpm-ostree based variants of Fedora): Silverblue, Kinoite, Sericea, Onyx.


Bring together people interested in Atomic desktops in Fedora to help improve them and push toward making this the default option in Fedora.

This (non-exhaustively) regroups people from the Silverblue SIG, KDE SIG, Sway SIG, and Budgie SIG.

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved then that's awesome! Membership is currently ephemeral and defined by participation - there's no sign-up page or list. So, how to "join"? Get involved!

Issue Tracker

We are tracking issues that impact Atomic Desktops in the Issue Tracker repo in the Fedora namespace on


Meetings are currently planned at 2PM UTC every two weeks, alternating with the Flatpak SIG meetings (Fedora Calendar). The meetings take place in KDE's BigBlueButton's instance: Meeting room link.

During the meeting, notes are taken in a temporary pad and are then added to the SIG issue tracker repo at the end of the meeting.

Please create an issue in the tracker if you think we should revisit the meeting time.

Chat (Matrix)

Discussion - Discourse

We don't have a tag yet. The discussion is currently happening in [1] for the SIG and [2] for the Atomic name.