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Continuous Integration Special Interest Group


The goal of the SIG is to bring together CI enthusiasts interested in developing tools, best practices, standards, and workflows to implement Continuous Integration at a larger scale.

While CI is well-known and used by many software projects, it is usually applied at an individual component level. Scaling it up is a challenge from both technical and organizational points of view. Here in Fedora, we have an opportunity to explore and develop the CI/CD topic beyond simple pull-request testing.


  • CI for Fedora
  • Containerized CI
  • CI on bare-metal
  • Gating at scale
  • Packaging and CI
  • CI and Upstream
  • CI engines, Artifact storages, Test result aggregators, Test analytics systems

Benefit to Fedora

CI is rarely associated with packaged Linux distributions even though it is nowadays used in most of them. We’d like to change this perception, to show that packaging and CI can and should be used together.

We also would like to establish Fedora as a perfect CI platform. Virtualization, containerization and many other tools available in Fedora provide a good foundation to build flexible, open and modern CI solutions and CI architectures on top of it. Let's make use of them.


Mailing lists


#fedora-ci at Libera.Chat



How to Join

  • Add yourself to the table above
  • Join IRC channel and participate in Fedora CI SIG meetings
  • Subscribe to mailing list
  • Apply to CI project at

How to contribute

Some examples:

  • Review/Write/Fix documentation related to Fedora CI and Gating
  • Develop and package CI tools
  • Develop CI analytics
  • Develop CI pipelines framework
  • On-board test pipelines
  • Bring your own!


Zuul-based CI

  • Bring CI infrastructure based on Zuul for projects hosted on and
  • Propose jobs and workflow of jobs around Pull Requests for Fedora packages (distgits on

Project wiki page: Zuul-based-ci

User:Fbo & User:tdecacqu

Packit Testing Farm

Bring internal test coverage to Fedora CI and Upstream coverage. Unify downstream and upstream testing. User:mvadkert, User:psss, User:ttomecek

Standard Test Roles inventory management

Goal: Pluggable system for STR inventory management Owner: bookwar

Fedora dist-git tests statistics

Goal: Provide report on the dist-git tests CI pipeline in Rawhide Owner: bookwar