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Fedora COSMIC Desktop Environment Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Fedora COSMIC SIG aims to prepare for and promote the upcoming COSMIC Desktop environment developed by System76.


The Fedora COSMIC SIG's goals are to:

  • Create and maintain rpm packages for COSMIC's components.
  • Promote development and issue tracking of the upcoming COSMIC Desktop Environment by Fedora users
  • Develop a COSMIC Spin and COSMIC Atomic variant for Fedora 41+.

Getting Involved

If you're passionate about Rust or new desktop environments, or you have the knowledge of how to package and maintain, come get involved! We don't have a defined criteria for membership yet, except that being involved is important! Make sure to join our matrix chat below.

Issue Tracker

We are tracking issues for the SIG at this Issue Tracker repo.

We are tracking issues for the COSMIC Desktop Environment packaging at the COSMIC Packaging repo.


We currently do not have any planned meetings, and this page will be updated when meetings are planned!

Chat (Matrix only)

Discussion - Discourse

We currently don't have any tags for Discourse, and an issue has yet to be created to request one.

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