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2007 Aug 15 Desktop Meeting


  • Matthias Clasen
  • Chris Aillon
  • Steven Garrity
  • David Zeuthen
  • Jonathan Blandford
  • Christopher Blizzard
  • Ray Strode
  • Jesse Keating
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Lennart Pottering



  • Organizational questions
  • Goals and scope
  • Concrete plans for F8 desktop spin
  • Longer term plans

Organizational Questions

  • do this on a weekly basis?
  • Agreement that it's a good idea
  • Need to schedule it for every wed @ 2pm EDT (18:00 UTC)
  • Can be short meetings if required


  • Based on goals from SIG Page
  • targeted spin (livecd) is the entry point and changing a lot of post-install defaults, but upgrades are still done using the normal repo and yum
  • mechanism
  • concrete examples: networkmanager by default
  • extra repo might be required and is controversial - will avoid if possible
  • still in the scope of Fedora
  • package builds all still come from cvs
  • might require a board exception because of seperate repo
  • first goal has to be to make a kick ass desktop distro (to be defined later)
  • lots of low-to-medium hanging fruit to work on?
  • also could do different user experience ala OLPC + Online Desktop
  • lots of things that are inappropriate for server installs but we would want to do for desktop
  • breaks down into simple configuration and some fundamental choices
  • how do we organize our goals around these two sets of items?
  • so some of it is doing architecture work and that needs to be called out
  • and lots of polish as well (low hanging fruit)
  • spending time looking at other distro work is important as well
  • how do we put it? finding the balance between polish and infrastructure work?

Set of ideas for activities for the SIG

  • Look at what others are doing
  • Planning (as resources allow) integration of large arch changes (HAL, others)
  • Identify polish, low hanging fruit and opportunity
  • Shared laundry list on the wiki? (ala yellow pad bug?)
  • Oversee improvements that involve more than one bug/project/app

Decision Making

  • how about decision making? who and how?
  • have to have someone who can make decisions - matthias is the obvious choice but we're not quite there yet

who is on the sig and interested

  • links from the SIG members to blogs might be good

what does the scope of desktop cover?

  • first instinct is packages? probably too limiting because it's more than just a package set
  • defintion should be based around experience (i.e. boot experience isn't normally desktop, but should be because it affects the experience)

low hanging fruit

  • first order of business: send out a list of low hanging fruit to the mailing list and get things kicked off - lots of things to fix!
  • fit-and-polish
  • Action Item: DavidZ to send out a first list of polish stuff

goals need updating

  • (blizzard + matthais + jrb) with new info and also add a section about scope and decision making (AI: Blizzard)

Concrete goals for F8 LiveCD Spin

  • kill xfs
  • kill pam console
  • nm by default
  • pa by default

boot process

  • can we do stuff with dbus launching instead of from initscripts?
  • package up boot chart (AI: Adam Jackson)
  • help getting package reviews would help a lot
  • set a goal for the boot process? (lots of random discussion here)
  • probably something like 20s, but not making progress here
  • goal for F8 is to cull unrequired stuff and make the livecd a lot faster for now - can discuss later

user management/guess account

  • davidz wants to add it to gdm instead of firstboot
  • new gdm coming right after f8
  • people think that's a good thing
  • some discussion of gdm
  • move back to the installer? no thanks
  • f-u-s seems like a reasonable thing to do
  • guest account prototype - maybe enough time to do it?

time zone changing in clock applet

  • assigned to davidz and is pretty easy