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2007 Sep 06 Desktop Meeting



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Sep 05 14:01:27 <caillon>	blizzard: around?
Sep 05 14:01:35 <caillon>	blizzard: you want to take le minutes?
Sep 05 14:03:15 <caillon>	okay, no blizzard
Sep 05 14:03:20 <poelcat>	caillon: i can do minutes if you like
Sep 05 14:03:20 -->	notting (n=notting@redhat/notting) has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:03:26 <caillon>	poelcat: sweet, thanks
Sep 05 14:03:43 <caillon>	okay, welcome to another installment of the Desktop SIG meeting
Sep 05 14:04:29 *	bpepple|lt grabs some popcorn, and takes a seat.
Sep 05 14:04:39 <caillon>	so, matthias sent out a bit of rough notes to fedora-desktop-list
Sep 05 14:05:28 <caillon>	there's a list of features which we can report on, hoping that there are people here to discuss them
Sep 05 14:05:40 <caillon>	bpepple|lt: share :-)
Sep 05 14:05:47 <bpepple|lt>	;)
Sep 05 14:06:02 <caillon>	okay first up is animated backgrounds
Sep 05 14:06:20 <caillon>	halfline: know whats up with that?
Sep 05 14:06:49 <halfline>	so in fedora 7
Sep 05 14:06:53 <caillon>	or anyone else really, feel free to pipe in :-)
Sep 05 14:06:57 <halfline>	ssp wrote some code to support slide shows
Sep 05 14:07:10 <halfline>	the way that it works, is you supply a list of images and a start time
Sep 05 14:07:19 <halfline>	along with intervals for switching slides
Sep 05 14:07:30 <halfline>	throughout the day the wallpaper is changed to reflect the time of day
Sep 05 14:07:51 <halfline>	this feature went untested in fedora 7, and so for test 2, we decided to turn it on by default
Sep 05 14:08:08 <caillon>	halfline: neat.  how does one test it?
Sep 05 14:08:28 <halfline>	if you create a new account, you should get it for free
Sep 05 14:08:33 <halfline>	otherwise, you can add it manually
Sep 05 14:08:39 <halfline>	by going to the gnome backgrounds capplet
Sep 05 14:08:42 <halfline>	clicking Add
Sep 05 14:08:43 <caillon>	halfline: yeah but how do you pick the backgrounds
Sep 05 14:08:48 <caillon>	ah ok
Sep 05 14:08:53 <halfline>	and then choosing /usr/share/backgrounds/infinity/infinity.xml
Sep 05 14:09:03 <caillon>	cool
Sep 05 14:09:14 <--	tibbs has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
Sep 05 14:09:20 <notting>	is there going to be some sort of browser for xml backgrounds?
Sep 05 14:09:40 <halfline>	notting: the background capplet plays the slideshow live in the thumbnail
Sep 05 14:09:42 -->	mezcalero ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:09:54 <halfline>	notting: it probably makes sense to play it at an accelerated rate
Sep 05 14:09:55 <drago01>	and can a user create one without writting a xml file?
Sep 05 14:09:58 <halfline>	I don't think it currently does though
Sep 05 14:09:59 <notting>	halfline: yeah, but i mean so it can be found w/o browsing over /usr
Sep 05 14:10:11 <halfline>	drago01: no
Sep 05 14:10:29 <drago01>	halfline: ok
Sep 05 14:10:39 -->	hadess ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:10:43 <halfline>	notting: hmm, well come to think of it, it may be there already
Sep 05 14:10:44 <hadess>	bleh, late
Sep 05 14:11:02 <caillon>	mezcalero: want to brielfy talk about PA while you're here since you have to leave?
Sep 05 14:11:09 <halfline>	we added it to /usr/share/gnome-background-properties
Sep 05 14:11:28 -->	walters ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:11:41 <mezcalero>	caillon: i'll probably leave in a minute or so
Sep 05 14:11:49 <halfline>	so i *think* we should be all set, and it should just appear as another background in the list on the capplet
Sep 05 14:11:55 <halfline>	without needing an explicit Add
Sep 05 14:11:56 <caillon>	mezcalero: well you have a minute then.  ;-)
Sep 05 14:12:00 <mezcalero>	but wanted to read through the logs later, that's why i joined the channel ;-)
Sep 05 14:12:13 <caillon>	aha, okay
Sep 05 14:12:25 <mezcalero>	caillon: but i can give a quikc status report
Sep 05 14:12:36 <mezcalero>	basically, pa is now enabled by default
Sep 05 14:12:38 *	hadess missed the beginning of the meeting, what's happening
Sep 05 14:12:40 <caillon>	mezcalero: that would be great
Sep 05 14:12:43 <mezcalero>	there are stell a couple of issues
Sep 05 14:12:48 <mezcalero>	s/stell/still
Sep 05 14:12:50 <caillon>	hadess: just giving brief status on the items in the list mclasen sent out
Sep 05 14:13:00 <halfline>	hadess: we just gave a run through on Soeren's background feature
Sep 05 14:13:05 <mezcalero>	the most important one is some incompatibility with amd64
Sep 05 14:13:11 <mezcalero>	which i fixed yesterday
Sep 05 14:13:15 <mezcalero>	but there's some more bugs
Sep 05 14:13:28 <jeremy>	mezcalero: that sounds important to have built and tagged for test2
Sep 05 14:13:37 <drago01>	+1
Sep 05 14:13:42 <mezcalero>	i.e. libc's dlopen() seems to be broken in multi-threaded apps
Sep 05 14:13:58 <mezcalero>	jeremy: jkeating just tagged the new versions i pushed into rawhide yesterday
Sep 05 14:14:09 <mezcalero>	but, basically it's there
Sep 05 14:14:13 <mezcalero>	and should work
Sep 05 14:14:21 <f13>	yeah, I just tagged them.
Sep 05 14:14:32 <f13>	mezcalero: have you made comps changes tomake sure we get PA by default instead of something els?
Sep 05 14:14:35 <f13>	else?
Sep 05 14:14:39 <f13>	or to have all the PA stuff installed that we should have?
Sep 05 14:14:42 <mezcalero>	if you encounter any bugs, report them ;-)
Sep 05 14:14:53 <jeremy>	mezcalero: okay, cool
Sep 05 14:14:59 <mezcalero>	f13: pa had now replaced esound in comps
Sep 05 14:15:14 <f13>	thanks
Sep 05 14:15:18 <mezcalero>	but if you want the full set of tools you have to install a few things manually
Sep 05 14:15:29 <mezcalero>	also
Sep 05 14:15:35 <caillon>	f13: i think we need a document of "when should i touch comps" btw
Sep 05 14:15:38 <mezcalero>	in pa i reduced the timeout for suspending a device to 1s
Sep 05 14:15:43 <drago01>	mezcalero: will it be enabled by default when doing an update too? (enabling the gconf-setting automaticly)
Sep 05 14:15:47 <mezcalero>	this means after 1s idle the audio device is closed
Sep 05 14:15:50 <halfline>	f13: for reference, the orginal message was here:
Sep 05 14:16:10 <mezcalero>	so, most of the issues should not be visible at all
Sep 05 14:16:40 <mezcalero>	because the audio device is practically always open
Sep 05 14:16:45 <mezcalero>	drago01: that's problematic
Sep 05 14:16:58 <mezcalero>	drago01: that would mean we'd have to modify the users gconf settings
Sep 05 14:17:07 <mezcalero>	and overwrite his settings for gst and stuff
Sep 05 14:17:25 <mezcalero>	for new installations pa will be enabled by default
Sep 05 14:17:34 <drago01>	ok
Sep 05 14:17:43 <mezcalero>	but for old installations this is problematic
Sep 05 14:17:43 <halfline>	that's probably okay though.  If the user was using esd before then they'll get pulse now, if they weren't they'll have to turn it on in preferences
Sep 05 14:17:51 <mezcalero>	i don't see how we could do that better
Sep 05 14:18:27 <drago01>	"<mezcalero> because the audio device is practically always open" wouldn't this kill the purpose of the "suspend audio when not needed feature" .. and increase the power usage?
Sep 05 14:18:28 <mezcalero>	people would probably be pissed off if we'd go through every single user gconf db and toggle a few settings, overwriting what people chose previously
Sep 05 14:18:42 <mezcalero>	drago01: oops, typo
Sep 05 14:18:45 <jeremy>	yeah, sounds like the sane behavior
Sep 05 14:18:58 <mezcalero>	i meant, it's practically always closed unless something plays
Sep 05 14:19:06 <mezcalero>	so power consumption is zero when nothing is played
Sep 05 14:19:08 <drago01>	mezcalero: ok sounds much better :)
Sep 05 14:19:11 <caillon>	:)
Sep 05 14:19:15 <mezcalero>	and every other app can access it when it likes to
Sep 05 14:19:23 <notting>	halfline: is it worth it to write a script/panel that does the switch?
Sep 05 14:19:27 <caillon>	mezcalero: thanks for the updates!
Sep 05 14:19:35 <mezcalero>	btw, pulseeaduio-lib now installs
Sep 05 14:19:46 <caillon>	cool
Sep 05 14:19:47 <mezcalero>	so flash should work out-of-the-box
Sep 05 14:19:48 <drago01>	saw the changelog
Sep 05 14:19:50 <halfline>	notting: does what switch?
Sep 05 14:19:54 <mezcalero>	and noone should be even notice it
Sep 05 14:19:59 <notting>	halfline: to enable pulse
Sep 05 14:20:08 <mezcalero>	s/be//
Sep 05 14:20:18 <mezcalero>	ok, that's all i have for now
Sep 05 14:20:23 <halfline>	notting: there's already a capplet.  gnome-sound-properties
Sep 05 14:20:25 <drago01>	mezcalero: also when using nsplugginwrapper on x86_64 (should be the same but just be sure)
Sep 05 14:20:25 <caillon>	okay, next on the list is bluetooth
Sep 05 14:20:32 <mezcalero>	i know there are still a couple of bugs left, so please: be patient and file reports ;-)
Sep 05 14:20:57 <mezcalero>	drago01: uh oh, didn't check that
Sep 05 14:21:05 <halfline>	notting: the "Enable software mixing" thing is the setting we're talking about
Sep 05 14:21:07 <mezcalero>	drago01: presumably this should work fine
Sep 05 14:21:27 <notting>	halfline: yeah, i have that set, but pa doesn't appear to be running. maybe i need to restart the desktop
Sep 05 14:21:36 <drago01>	mezcalero: ok I see no reason why it shouldn't work but it has to be confirmed ;)
Sep 05 14:21:38 <--	EvilBob has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Sep 05 14:21:55 <halfline>	notting: do you have the pulseaudio-esound-compat package installed ?
Sep 05 14:21:57 <caillon>	okay, we can take notting's issues with getting it to work to the list/bugs
Sep 05 14:22:02 <notting>	yup
Sep 05 14:22:08 <caillon>	next up...
Sep 05 14:22:09 *	mezcalero is off now
Sep 05 14:22:14 <caillon>	mezcalero: thanks again
Sep 05 14:22:19 <halfline>	notting: it may be you have the old esd running and not the pulse esd
Sep 05 14:22:22 <caillon>	hadess: can you briefly discuss bluetooth?
Sep 05 14:22:36 <halfline>	(if you just did the install)
Sep 05 14:24:41 <caillon>	okay, hadess is mia
Sep 05 14:24:51 <caillon>	and no davidz
Sep 05 14:24:59 -->	cworth ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:25:09 <caillon>	walters, want to talk about how awesome big board is?
Sep 05 14:25:11 <hadess>	he's here
Sep 05 14:25:23 <hadess>	bluetooth
Sep 05 14:25:36 <caillon>	ok, hadess go.  walters, you're next :)
Sep 05 14:25:44 <hadess>	quite a bit of work done in that dept for fedora
Sep 05 14:25:59 <hadess>	we have gnome-phone-manager finally working, so you can send/receive sms messages
Sep 05 14:26:10 <hadess>	battery status if gnome-power-manager is new enough
Sep 05 14:26:40 <hadess>	adding bluetooth mice/keyboards is pretty straight forward as well, from the bluetooth preferences
Sep 05 14:27:05 <hadess>	and you can browse your mobile phone's pictures and stuff using nautilus
Sep 05 14:27:13 <jeremy>	hadess: are all the pieces installed and set up by default?
Sep 05 14:27:23 <--	ClausReheis has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Sep 05 14:27:26 <jeremy>	(ie, are all the packages marked as defaults in comps, etc) ?
Sep 05 14:27:45 <halfline>	can I use my playstation 3 controller as a mouse? :-)
Sep 05 14:27:47 <hadess>	jeremy: yep, should be, but i'll double-check
Sep 05 14:28:09 <hadess>	halfline: you could use it as a joystick, but my code didn't quite work
Sep 05 14:28:26 *	jeremy didn't notice it yesterday testing live images, but is willing to look agani and try it out a little
Sep 05 14:28:27 <caillon>	halfline: you have a ps3?
Sep 05 14:28:28 <hadess>	halfline: i'll have to retry making thise work
Sep 05 14:28:41 <caillon>	weren't you the one that was holding off on getting a wii because of its cost?
Sep 05 14:28:41 <hadess>	docs for testing:
Sep 05 14:28:58 <hadess>	oh, and we have bluetooth printing as well
Sep 05 14:29:27 <halfline>	caillon: well, we're straying off topic, but *I* don't, my girlfriend does
Sep 05 14:29:35 <caillon>	fair enough
Sep 05 14:29:46 <hadess>	i haven't looked into bluetooth audio yet, because integration with pulse, etc.
Sep 05 14:30:27 <caillon>	hadess: sounds cool
Sep 05 14:30:34 <bpepple|lt>	caillon: agreed.
Sep 05 14:30:38 <halfline>	hadess: has there been any movement on making gprs type connections easier?
Sep 05 14:30:55 <hadess>	and there will be more bluetooth stuff in F9, like phone sync'ing, etc.
Sep 05 14:31:06 <caillon>	halfline: i think that's an F9 thing with NM integration
Sep 05 14:31:11 <halfline>	ah okay
Sep 05 14:31:21 <caillon>	there's a patch upstream that nobody's looked at
Sep 05 14:31:21 <hadess>	halfline: it's on the feature list, and i'll be working on it as soon as i get the hardware :)
Sep 05 14:31:29 <hadess>	oh, gprs
Sep 05 14:31:33 <hadess>	not gps
Sep 05 14:31:59 <hadess>	halfline: there's a patch, but it was waiting on dial-up not sucking in NM
Sep 05 14:32:04 <hadess>	halfline: so it's not finished yet
Sep 05 14:32:14 <caillon>	walters: around?
Sep 05 14:32:36 <hadess> for upstream CC:'ing action
Sep 05 14:32:55 *	caillon wonders if a mom joke would summon walters
Sep 05 14:33:07 <hadess>	GPS is planned as well, iain is working on that, though no released code yet
Sep 05 14:33:40 <hadess>	and i still need to contact the desktop guys at novell so they can help us with upstream bluetooth stuff
Sep 05 14:33:47 -->	EvilBob (n=bob@fedora/pdpc.sustaining.BobJensen) has joined #Fedora-Meeting
Sep 05 14:34:19 <caillon>	sounds good.
Sep 05 14:34:40 <hadess>	so, the executive summary is that it's not finished, but there's already some use cases working _much_ better than before
Sep 05 14:34:47 <caillon>	halfline: are you able to talk about the theme stuff?
Sep 05 14:35:26 <halfline>	so one thing i'd like to do before f8 is get rid of redhat-artwork
Sep 05 14:35:44 <halfline>	it's a bit of a pain right now, it has tons of build requirements and it's got a lot of unrelated artwork in it
Sep 05 14:35:48 -->	JSchmitt ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:36:14 <halfline>	i'm very slowly breaking up the various parts of it into individual tarballs
Sep 05 14:36:29 <halfline>	is that what you mean by "the theme stuff" ?
Sep 05 14:37:01 <hadess>	halfline: is it just for size/download/fit on a CD concerns?
Sep 05 14:37:07 <caillon>	halfline: mclasen wrote * new theme (partially)
Sep 05 14:37:16 <jeremy>	hadess: I think it's more for halfline's sanity :)
Sep 05 14:37:33 <caillon>	not entirely sure what he meant there, but i'm guess it's not necessarily that
Sep 05 14:37:41 <halfline>	hadess: the redhat-artwork move is more for maintenance reasons, and to help facilitate doing other spins
Sep 05 14:37:42 <caillon>	halfline: but that's interestiong stuff though
Sep 05 14:37:54 <halfline>	we'd like to make it easy to swap out the artwork and branding
Sep 05 14:38:09 <halfline>	caillon: i don't know about that, I don't think
Sep 05 14:38:10 <caillon>	many people would!
Sep 05 14:38:24 <caillon>	halfline: okay.  fair enough.  but this sounds just as interesting.
Sep 05 14:38:43 <halfline>	oh wait
Sep 05 14:38:52 <halfline>	i get it, the * is a bullet point
Sep 05 14:39:07 <caillon>	heh.  yeah
Sep 05 14:39:17 <halfline>	so mclasen didn't write a STAR theme, he wrote a bullet point saying "new theme" on the proposed agenda
Sep 05 14:39:20 <--	mmcgrath has quit ("leaving")
Sep 05 14:39:31 <halfline>	that's probably the infinity bits that mizmo droped in
Sep 05 14:39:39 ---	mmcgrath_ is now known as mmcgrath
Sep 05 14:39:52 <halfline>	we have a new grub screen, firstboot, anaconda, syslinux, rhgb, and the animated background
Sep 05 14:39:53 <caillon>	makes sense
Sep 05 14:40:13 <halfline>	i think a gdm theme is in the works
Sep 05 14:40:21 <drago01>	halfline: and themed look dialog?
Sep 05 14:40:23 <halfline>	mock ups are being discussed on the art list i beliebve
Sep 05 14:40:46 <halfline>	drago01: oh right, someone (Nicu maybe?) propsed a lock dialog i think
Sep 05 14:40:54 <halfline>	although afaik that hasn't landed
Sep 05 14:41:04 <drago01>	yes saw something on the art-list archives
Sep 05 14:41:22 <halfline>	i'm not the best person to give an update on the art situation though, since i'm not on the art-list
Sep 05 14:41:29 <halfline>	maybe we should try to call mizmo in
Sep 05 14:41:53 <caillon>	well i guess from the desktop side, just that there's new stuff is a good status
Sep 05 14:42:01 -->	G_ (n=njones@wikipedia/NigelJ) has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:42:30 ---	knurd is now known as knurd_afk
Sep 05 14:42:47 <caillon>	hadess: can you talk about vinegar?  (intentionally americanized)
Sep 05 14:43:43 <caillon>	going once...
Sep 05 14:43:48 <caillon>	twice...
Sep 05 14:43:59 <caillon>	ajax: you around?
Sep 05 14:44:12 <caillon>	looking for a brief update on compiz-fusion
Sep 05 14:44:14 <jeremy>	fwiw, I think it might be interesting to have tsclient/vinagre installed by default
Sep 05 14:44:37 <jeremy>	since otherwise, especially for vinagre, you go look for vnc and get the craptastic vnc viewer instead
Sep 05 14:44:41 <drago01>	jeremy: is vino installed by default?
Sep 05 14:44:43 <caillon>	if not, someone to give an update on the new appearance capplet (halfline?)
Sep 05 14:44:52 <jeremy>	drago01: yes
Sep 05 14:45:05 -->	ClausReheis (n=ClausReh@fedora/ClausReheis) has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:45:11 <drago01>	caillon: I talked with krh about it its f9 stuff because he want to get it upstream
Sep 05 14:45:30 <halfline>	i asked krh to join for compiz
Sep 05 14:45:32 <hadess>	caillon: nothing much to say, it's a vnc client that sucks less than vncviewer
Sep 05 14:45:36 <ajax>	yeah, i'm here
Sep 05 14:45:39 -->	krh (i=krh@nat/redhat/x-ca63136240e633d2) has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:45:45 <krh>	hi
Sep 05 14:45:46 *	jrb returns
Sep 05 14:45:56 <caillon>	hadess: ha.  ok.
Sep 05 14:45:58 <hadess>	caillon: and mclasen added it to comps already
Sep 05 14:46:10 <f13>	hadess: hey, if it can handle my qemu crap I'll be glad to use it by default.
Sep 05 14:46:38 <caillon>	ajax: you like talking about stuff.  fusion.  go.
Sep 05 14:46:47 <hadess>	f13: it uses gtk-vnc, which was used for the Xen viewer thing, so it probably works
Sep 05 14:46:51 <jeremy>	hadess: yeah, but only as optional.  and given drago's question.  we have vino installed by default.  having the server but not the client installedby default seems wrong :)
Sep 05 14:46:58 <drago01>	caillon: still needs review...
Sep 05 14:47:02 <caillon>	or krh can now that he's here ;)
Sep 05 14:47:14 <--	jnettlet has quit ("Ex-Chat")
Sep 05 14:47:21 <halfline>	jeremy: switch it!
Sep 05 14:47:27 <hadess>	jeremy: the server is for the "user", the client for the admin
Sep 05 14:47:42 <ajax>	caillon: i know zero about compiz-fusion, sorry
Sep 05 14:47:58 <krh>	caillon: afaik, the core compiz package is uptodate, I'll update it to 0.6 once that's out
Sep 05 14:47:59 <caillon>	ajax: fair enough
Sep 05 14:48:10 <drago01>	caillon:,
Sep 05 14:48:13 <drago01>	review needed
Sep 05 14:48:21 <krh>	the fusion packages needs review (which I need to do, I guess)
Sep 05 14:48:47 <krh>	but other than that, they should be in good shape
Sep 05 14:49:57 <caillon>	krh: so f9 stuff or f8?
Sep 05 14:50:20 <krh>	caillon: oh, f8, for sure
Sep 05 14:50:40 *	caillon sticks tongue at drago01
Sep 05 14:50:42 <caillon>	;)
Sep 05 14:51:03 <krh>	drago01: are there any show-stoppers with the fusion packages
Sep 05 14:51:08 <krh>	other than the missing review, of course?
Sep 05 14:51:24 <drago01>	not that I am aware of
Sep 05 14:51:32 <krh>	great
Sep 05 14:51:51 <drago01>	there is a issue with the animation plugin with qt but I talked with rdieter about it and he will add the patch (from upstream kde)
Sep 05 14:51:56 <drago01>	but else they are ok
Sep 05 14:52:45 <caillon>	okay.  we've got about 10 minutes left and i wanted to talk about maybe moving the meeting to accomodate others in europe.
Sep 05 14:52:59 <caillon>
Sep 05 14:53:15 -->	nim-nim (n=nim-nim@fedora/nim-nim) has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:53:18 <caillon>	we've got limited options though if we want the US based RHatters to be awake though
Sep 05 14:53:31 <caillon>	(and not have other conflicts for meetings)
Sep 05 14:53:36 *	drago01 notes that he is in europe and has no problem with the time but it seems its different for others
Sep 05 14:54:05 <caillon>	drago01: nod
Sep 05 14:54:08 <--	G has quit (Connection timed out)
Sep 05 14:54:11 <caillon>	drago01: would it be okay if it were earlier?
Sep 05 14:54:13 <caillon>	for you?
Sep 05 14:54:34 <drago01>	yes but not if it was 3 hours eariler
Sep 05 14:54:38 <drago01>	2 are ok
Sep 05 14:55:00 <caillon>	which puts US at lunch
Sep 05 14:55:29 <--	JSchmitt has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
Sep 05 14:55:50 <caillon>	so we could maybe see if we can swap with EPEL which is an hour earlier every other week
Sep 05 14:56:00 <caillon>	or we could try fridays an hour earlier
Sep 05 14:56:13 <caillon>	or we can not eat lunch :)
Sep 05 14:56:32 <caillon>	thoughts from others?
Sep 05 14:56:58 <drago01>	move to europe or US for the meeting :)
Sep 05 14:58:07 <drago01>	we should discuss this on the list...
Sep 05 14:58:11 -->	rnorwood (i=rnorwood@nat/redhat/x-852143d8a632edf3) has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:58:18 <caillon>	halfline?  krh?  hadess?
Sep 05 14:58:22 <drago01>	so that the people that have issues can talk too
Sep 05 14:58:33 <caillon>	drago01: probably
Sep 05 14:58:36 <halfline>	i'm with drago01
Sep 05 14:58:37 -->	mcepl ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 14:58:40 <ajax>	what we need is a random meeting scheduler
Sep 05 14:58:41 <mcepl>	like here?
Sep 05 14:58:49 <ajax>	with one hour notification
Sep 05 14:58:56 <halfline>	as pointed out people like mcepl can't be here during the meeting to complain about the schedule
Sep 05 14:59:01 <hadess>	don't expect me to show up on fridays after office hours :)
Sep 05 14:59:05 <caillon>	mcepl: he's here :)
Sep 05 14:59:07 <halfline>	except as soon as i wrote that he came in
Sep 05 14:59:11 <caillon>	haha
Sep 05 14:59:12 <caillon>	you lose
Sep 05 14:59:23 <mcepl>	caillon: it's nine o'clock in the evening here
Sep 05 14:59:44 <caillon>	okay.  we can move the discussion on the list.
Sep 05 14:59:47 <drago01>	mcepl: here too ... which is fine (for me)
Sep 05 14:59:51 <halfline>	sounds good
Sep 05 14:59:56 <halfline>	let's do it this time!
Sep 05 15:00:06 <mcepl>	yes, please!
Sep 05 15:00:21 *	mcepl has no idea, what such meeting should like, but agrees anyway :)
Sep 05 15:00:38 <caillon>	mcepl: you should read the minutes of past meetings :)
Sep 05 15:00:47 <drago01>	caillon: what about new NM and xulrunner (both on mclasens list) ;)
Sep 05 15:01:09 <hadess>	drago01: see how caillon dodged responsibilities? :)
Sep 05 15:01:14 <caillon>	:)
Sep 05 15:01:16 <drago01>	hadess: sure
Sep 05 15:01:23 <hadess>	there's too many 'i' in there
Sep 05 15:01:32 <caillon>	okay.  new NM is in rawhide...
Sep 05 15:01:41 <caillon>	it has a few bugs that we're working out.
Sep 05 15:01:50 <caillon>	i'm not sure if it's currently tagged into test2 or not
Sep 05 15:02:28 <caillon>	i heard that it doesn't work at all for some people which sucks.
Sep 05 15:02:53 <jeremy>	caillon: it's not in rawhide (as it's not currently taged for test2)
Sep 05 15:02:54 <--	SmootherFrOgZ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
Sep 05 15:03:03 <jeremy>	caillon: and it doesn't work at all for wireless right now, which makes it abit of a non-starter imho
Sep 05 15:04:34 <caillon>	if rawhide were actively getting new builds instead of waiting for test2 to be done, we could get some debugging help here.  worked for me when i tried it.
Sep 05 15:04:42 -->	SmootherFrOgZ ( has joined #fedora-meeting
Sep 05 15:05:15 <jeremy>	really?  I got   "** (nm-applet:4068): WARNING **: FIXME: Activation of wireless device is not implemented."
Sep 05 15:05:20 <jeremy>	and dcbw said it was because the code wasn't written
Sep 05 15:05:31 <caillon>	anyway, xulrunner is in the state of getting boned by random stuff.  it built on all platforms except ppc64.  i excludearched ppc64 and then something broke in x86-64
Sep 05 15:05:56 <drago01>	caillon: is xulrunner using gecko 1.9 ?
Sep 05 15:06:03 <caillon>	and then that got fixed and then something broke in policykit over the weekend which caused that to build
Sep 05 15:06:06 <caillon>	yes
Sep 05 15:06:29 <hadess>	caillon: the policykit thing is fixed, if that's the same i hit
Sep 05 15:07:12 <caillon>	hadess: yeah.  then i hit something else which was supposedly a xulrunner bug that just got exposed so i updated cvs.  and then more stuff broke.
Sep 05 15:07:15 <drago01>	caillon: so if we build firefox with it we would have a firefox 2.x with the firefox 3.x rendering engine.. won't mozilla kill us for doing this?
Sep 05 15:07:17 <caillon>	so still trying to build it.  :)
Sep 05 15:07:35 <hadess>	caillon: fun :)
Sep 05 15:07:57 <caillon>	drago01: don't make assumptions.  :)
Sep 05 15:08:08 <drago01>	caillon: ok ;)
Sep 05 15:08:41 <caillon>	we'll bump to the equivalent firefox when xulrunner is capable of doing that.
Sep 05 15:09:00 <caillon>	but right now, it's going to be excludearch ppc and ppc64
Sep 05 15:09:16 <caillon>	and we're over time
Sep 05 15:09:37 <drago01>	and on ppc/ppc64 firefox-devel will be used instead?
Sep 05 15:10:02 <caillon>	no, that will go away
Sep 05 15:10:15 <drago01>	ok so no gecko-devel for ppc?
Sep 05 15:10:34 <marek>	epel meeting?
Sep 05 15:10:50 <caillon>	so whoever wants ppc to work *cough*dwmw2*cough* might want to help with the assembler that was promised
Sep 05 15:10:53 <--	tux_440volt has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
Sep 05 15:11:26 <caillon>	i just need to find out why that code isn't upstream since i was fairly sure he wrote and submited it
Sep 05 15:11:54 <caillon>	anyway...
Sep 05 15:11:56 <caillon>	we're over time
Sep 05 15:12:22 <caillon>	so... thanks everyone.  not necessarily the same bat time next week.  likely the same bat channel though.