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ELN (Enterprise Linux Next) Special Interest Group

ELN is a new buildroot and compose process for Fedora that will take Fedora Rawhide dist-git sources and emulate a Red Hat Enterprise Linux compose. Feedback from this build, compose and integration testing will be provided to Fedora packagers so that they can see the potential impact of their changes on RHEL development.

ELN will allow us to explore new ideas like a higher baseline for CPU architectures in a way that will not disrupt the rest of Fedora. It will also aid us in future-proofing some of the spec file conditionals today that assume RHEL <= 8.

SIG Responsibilities

  • Own the scope of the eln disttag in Koji.
    • As the project evolves the scope might change. There might be additional features which will be included into the tag or excluded from it.
  • Own the configuration of the compose.
  • Maintain infrastructure required to build packages and composes.
  • Track the status of package builds and composes. Work with Fedora package maintainers to resolve the issues.
  • Keep track of the eln-conditionals in RPM spec files.
  • Define content set
  • Investigate compose failures
  • Track conditionals
  • Fix simple bugs
  • Own buildroot configuration



Project tracking



How to Join

  • Add yourself to the Members list above
  • Apply to ELN project

How to contribute