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KDE PIM 4.6 QA call


KDE SIG is considering the future of KDE PIM applications in our spin. As you probably know - KDE upstream is working on the new KMail 2 based on the Akonadi technology. Unfortunately there's really big delay (4.5 was skipped completely) and as we care about your emails and we understand it's crucial part of desktop environment and your (our) workflow - we are not sure it's in the state we can ship it. On the other hand - upstream is probably going to abandon completely the 4.4 series and the state of KAddressBook there is not good. But before reverting to this old version, we'd like to be sure it's a good idea and new KDE PIM is really not usable for you, our users :)


We are going to make 2 go/no-go decisions for kdepim 4.6 1.

  • Is it testable by Feb 8 (feature freeze)?
  • Do the tests look good by 100% complete deadline (March 22)

Otherwise we're going to bump epoch and revert back to old KDE PIM 4.4 series.

How to test

Install latest kdepim package (if you are running Rawhide, you are probably running the latest one) from kde-unstable repository.

If you don't know how to use kde-unstable repository, don't try it. It can EAT your email. So make a backup!!!

Then try:

  • convert your old mails to the new Akonadi (automatically, just run KMail)
  • try from the scratch
  • try different accounts - IMAP, POP3...


User kdepim version Result Accounts Comments
mhlavink kdepim-4.5.95-1.fc15.x86_64 FAIL 1 IMAP, cca 1 GB+ Thread view - click on one messages and immediately (before message download completes) use shortcut to mark whole thread as read -> error: duplicate messages. Sometimes when I click on next message it shows "downloading message" (as background in message window) but nothing happens, sometimes it helps to click to different, already downloaded message, and click back. One folder with 5000 messages - in folder list, there is "(110)" because there is 110 new messages (and 4900 old), but when I click on that folder - it shows me only three messages and that's all. Just happened, it was working fine for a few days. Ok, maybe old data from old beta version. So I've stopped akonadi and deleted all akonadi and kmail data. So fresh new install. Configured imap account, clicked "get new email" and it crashed. And another one: When you delete some messages, it goes to local folders/trash instead of <my imap>/trash. There is config option for this, but when you select trash destination, it says just trash (instead of complete path "myimap/trahs" which is the way old version works). There probably is not anything working correctly in this version...
jreznik kdepim- FAIL 1 IMAP, cca 1GB+ Error message: "KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now. The error was: Failed to fetch the resouce collection.", Akonadi hogs CPU, otherwise it works somehow
mhlavink kdepim- NOT PASS 2 IMAP, 5x POP3, cca 2GB+ Not fresh install/import. Overall slow. Mail checking takes much much longer than with kdepim4.4 (I have over 30 imap folders.) During mail checking response is so slow it's not possible to use kmail (30+ s before selected mail opens). Checking email takes so much resources it can't be unnoticed. When I want to play some game/watch movie I have to stop akonadi. Not sure if following would applicable to fresh 4.5.94 (re)import: I get some error messages time to time. For example that duplicate message exists and which one I want to use. When some problem with connection/mail server happens it always shows error message that password is invalid, which is not true (I did not have imap server outtage for last month, so I don't know if this wrong error applies to 4.5.94 too).
mhlavink kdepim- FAIL 1 IMAP, cca 1GB+ Second try on different machine. kmail-migrator(4027): "Migration of 'rhbox' to Akonadi resource failed: Resource 'rhbox' is not working correctly" Then it continues and after some time it says that migration has been completed successfully. No other information in konsole. After closing the info dialog, nothing happens. kmail-migrator 0 % CPU(time to time jumps to 3 % for 2-5 sec and then back to zero again), 20 % MEM (820MB), akonadi 0 % CPU, 13 % MEM (515 MB). This is the situation for 10 minutes (so far), nothing else happens. Disk IO is zero, so it's not waiting for data.

void Akonadi::NotificationSource::unsubscribe() "akonadi_maildir_resource_0"

Application '/usr/bin/akonadi_maildir_resource' exited normally...

AgentManager::removeAgentInstance: calling instance->quit()

PreprocessorManager::unregisterInstance( "akonadi_imap_resource_0" )

QProcess: Destroyed while process is still running.

ProcessControl: Application '/usr/bin/akonadi_imap_resource' stopped unexpected (Process crashed)

Application '/usr/bin/akonadi_imap_resource' crashed. No restart!

rnovacek kdepim- ALMOST GOOD 2 disconnected IMAP, cca 1.5GB System was quite usable during fresh import, takes about 2 hours. Memory consumption was raising (up to ~1.5GB, mostly kmail + akonadi_nepomuk), after restart still about 600MB. Reading messages is quite fast (IMHO a little bit slower than old kmail).

To check kdepim version, run "rpm -q kdepim" and copy/paste the output.