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Introduction to rawhide

To minimize migration pain, here's rough-draft plan to introduce kde4 to rawhide:

  • build kdebase-worskpace, kdelibs3, kdebase3 - DONE
  • build kdelibs-4 (renaming kdelibs4 -> kdelibs), block-pkg dist-f9 kdelibs4 - DONE
  • build kdebase-4 (renaming kdebase4 -> kdebase), block-pkg dist-f9 kdebase4 - DONE
  • import/build rest of kde4 modules (ie, kdegraphics, kdenetwork, etc...) - DONE
  • once we have kdeartwork from KDE 4, set include_crystalsvg in kdelibs3 to 0 - DONE
  • start/finish reviews of any new kde4 modules/packages (e.g., kde-l10n, extragear stuff) - DONE

The following items have to be addressed after the import:

  • add proper Conflicts/Provides/Obsoletes - DONE
  • check all packages if defined packages in "Requires" are enough - DONE
  • prepare kde-settings for KDE4 - DONE
  • make sure upgrade path is working - DONE
  • split packages in *-libs and *-extras subpackages (like in KDE3, only if it makes sense) - DONE
  • check all packages for missing BuildRequires - DONE
  • check directory ownerships - DEFERRED (some directories are owned by more packages than needed, but this is not a serious enough issue to fix at this stage of the release cycle)
  • check with selinux=enforcing - DONE
  • check which packages from KDE 3.5.8 are still needed - DONE
  • get KDM to work - DONE
  • check all packages for usability - DONE

Already imported packages

These packages are already imported in cvs and built for devel (dist-f9).

  • KDE 3 compatibility packages:
  • kdelibs3
  • kdebase3
  • KDE 4 core packages:
  • kdelibs (4)
  • kdebase (4)
  • kdebase-runtime
  • kdebase-workspace
  • kdeaccessibility
  • kdeadmin
  • kdeartwork
  • kdebindings
  • kdeedu
  • kdegames
  • kdegraphics
  • kdemultimedia
  • kdenetwork
  • kdesdk
  • kdetoys
  • kdeutils
  • kde-l10n
  • KDE 4 extragear packages:
  • extragear-plasma
  • kaider
  • kcoloredit
  • kiconedit
  • kgrab
  • kmid
  • konq-plugins
  • ksig
  • KDE 4 kdereview packages
  • okteta

New Packages

These packages are not currently in Fedora (for the KDE4 version). They are initial versions and may (or will) have packaging bugs and other problems.

svn packages

These packages don't have an official release yet and are packaged directly from a svn checkout.


Version 1.2
Packaging Status deferred due to instability (crashes)
scratch build
Notes about packaging
other notes svn checkout. kaudiocreator has no official release yet
Tarball is created with modified script by KevinKofler
There are still some crashes needing to be debugged.


The following packages from KDE 4 extragear are wanted, but have not been packaged yet:

Also, KFax may or may not be worth packaging. Okular doesn't support raw FAX data directly yet, but it does support TIFF and you can run fax2tiff from libtiff to get a TIFF out of a raw FAX.

Ligature is not listed here because it is redundant with Okular and appears to be no longer maintained. (It was dropped from the extragear releases for that reason.)

Packages targeted at Fedora 10 and beyond

This section is for packages which will most likely not be ready in time for Fedora 9. It is kept separate to make it clear that these packages are not headed for Rawhide just yet.


Stop (medium size).png
kdepim is not part of KDE 4.0.
Version 3.96.2-1
Packaging Status needs some rpmlint fixes
Notes about packaging
other notes some icons are missing


Package telepathy-qt
Version 0.14.1-1.2064
Packaging Status initial package
packaging notes
Needed for tapioca-qt -> decibel -> kdenetwork (in 4.1)


Package tapioca-qt
Version 0.14.1-1.2064
Packaging Status initial package
packaging notes
Needed for decibel -> kdenetwork (in 4.1)


Package decibel
Version 0.5.0
Packaging Status initial package
packaging notes
Needed for kdenetwork (in 4.1)


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