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This is a brainstorming document only

fedora-kde target audience

  • Users looking for a modern and robust desktop to get their work done
  • Users looking for a desktop for use at home, supporting a full range of social connectivity and multimedia
  • Users who want their desktops to reflect their personal preferences
  • Users who want access to the latest and greatest KDE has to offer
  • (current or potential) Fedora contributors who want to influence future of Fedora
  • Users wishing to contribute to KDE development

Update SOP

  • Make clearer release announcements so people know what to expect
  • Do targeted testing with a dedicated group of testers before going stable
  • Take a proactive role in Fedora release engineering
  • Take a proactive role in KDE release team


  • "What are you looking for in a kde (linux) distribution?" [1]