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Meeting Time


  • ThanNgo
  • KevinKofler
  • ChristopherStone
  • SebastianVahl


  • Status of KDE4
  • Font bug in Qt (#236803 )
  • puplet in systray (#216847 )
  • Fedora's patches for KDE3 in KDE4
  • Review of redland (dependency for Nepomuk support) (#195647 )



  • Some UTF-8 chars are not working in konsole. This is due to a bug in font rendering in qt. (#236803 )
  • ThanNgo is still working on kde3/qt3-compat packages. RexDieter's prebuilts of KDE4 are fully conditionalized into the F8 version with prefix=/usr and the F6/F7 developer preview now. (kdelibs4 , kdebase4 , kdepimlibs4 )
  • The disappearance of puplet in KDE's systray seems to be caused by the function (tray.hide). It could be workarounded by setting trayicon.set_visible to true. (#216847 )
  • ThanNgo will review KevinKofler's qt4-theme-quarticurve package soon. (#244478 )
  • The Fedora specific patches for KDE3 should be reviewed for KDE4 if they are still needed. The needed patches should be ported then or better go upstream.
  • The (non-KDE) package redland will be reviewed soon. (#195647 ). After this is done the KDE SIG could package Soprano and enable Nepomuk in KDE4.