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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • ThanNgo
  • KevinKofler
  • dragoran (drago01)


  • KDE 3 compat packages
  • What to do with aRts?
  • kdegames3
  • KDE 4 / ConsoleKit, status
  • Free discussion
  • Qt packaging
  • redhat-artwork (Bluecurve)



  • For aRts, we will try to disable it, see what breaks (this is Rawhide after all ;)), then we'll see how to proceed.
  • There were no objections to KevinKofler submitting a kdegames3 package containing the games not yet ported to KDE 4.
  • For ConsoleKit, upstream KDE and ConsoleKit disagree on how this should be implemented (Ossi from KDE thinks it should be a PAM module, the ConsoleKit folks think it should be implemented in the DM), so we'll have to stay with the patch for now.
  • Qt 4 directories are now defined in a Qt.pc file, but for compatibility, the RPM macros will still be provided.
  • Qt will retain the qt/qt4 naming. We might reconsider renaming to qt3/qt once the KDE migration is complete.
  • For redhat-artwork, the Bluecurve KWin theme will be removed as it is useless in a KDE 4 environment (KevinKofler will submit a KDE 4 port, quarticurve-kwin, for review separately), the Bluecurve Qt 3 widget theme will remain (a Qt 4 version, quarticurve, has been submitted for separate review by KevinKofler, but the Qt 3 theme is still useful).