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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl

(Note: ThanNgo was absent due to unknown technical issues with IRC.)


  • New KDE 4 plan
  • F8 test1: kde live image?




  • some packages for KDE4 are in a separate branch in fedora's cvs
  • KDE4 may slip ~1 month. We will need a plan for that.
  • Also KDE4 may only be usable starting from KDE 4.1
  • The KDE 4 plan in the wiki must be updated, RexDieter will take care of that.
  • RexDieter suggested two plans for KDE 4:
  • Plan A: Stick with kde(3) as primary kde desktop, integrate kde4 libs/apps as much as possible.
  • Plan B: ship kde4 as primary desktop, with kde3-compat bits (ie, our main plan now).
  • There will be more discussion of this with ThanNgo on 2007-07-25, as he was unable to attend due to technical problems.

KDE-LiveCD for F8Test1

  • we will help creating a live CD for F8Test1
  • there was a discussion about the best upgrade path for users who installed from Fedora-7-KDE-Live