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Meeting Time


  • ThanNgo
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl
  • JoshBoyer


  • Status of KDE 4 packages
  • kdegames3 trademark cleanup (#248343)
  • Free discussion
  • KDE 4 Beta 1 for Fedora 7?



  • KDE 4 still needs work, in particular on:
  • parallel-installability in /usr
  • module coverage (everything beyond kdebase is still WIP)
  • KevinKofler has a patch to resolve #248343. The patch will be validated to make sure no trademark instances were missed, and ThanNgo will push patched kdegames to F7 and FC6 once it is ready.
  • There's currently no KDE 4 Beta 1 packages for Fedora 7 up at kde-redhat unstable, mainly due to the parallel-installability issues. We will try to make some packages still using /opt/kde4 available in the meantime.