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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl




  • #247769 seems to be a bug in yum. We should re-assign it against yum.
  • Rawhide uses PulseAudio for much stuff now. We should also try to switch arts to it.
  • Proposing changes to KDE-LiveCD: This mostly depends on the integration of KDE4. If we will have KDE4 on it we might get in trouble with the size of the oxygen icons. This question should be answered after KDE4 hits rawhide and we know, how many parts of KDE4 we will use.
  • right now the KDE4-specs in cvs for kdelibs, kdepimlibs and kdebase aren't ready to build in mock
  • SebastianVahl will create a wiki page with a howto for checking out the KDE4 parts und building the rpms from it. So we could get some help from others.