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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl




Status of KDE 4:

  • KDE4 will not hit Fedora 8. The KDE-Team is also considering slipping the release to january.
  • RexDieter will try to adopt the help packaging KDE4 offered in some mailing lists threads (see FWN 102
  • We should update Releases/FeatureKDE4

F8Test2 LiveCD Package List:

  • The current package list on the livecd is linked here
  • RexDieter asked the maintainers of xine-lib-extras to split out arts support from it which will then be included only
  • The dependency on gtk+ is required by kdegraphics (imlib) and kdeutils (xmms-libs). ATM there is no point in changing that if we cannot adress both packages (in kdeutils superkaramba is using xmms-libs)
  • speedcrunch is the only package that needs qt4. We will save some space in re-adding kcalc (from kdeutils-extras) and should mention this change in the release notes
  • We will try to save enough space to include koffice-krita (which was requested at KDE's Akademy)

Howto for building RPMs for KDE4 from CVS:

  • SebastianVahl will try to include some more packages (kdemultimedia, kdegames, ...) in his howto. Also some parts could be replaced with easier advices (eg. "make i386" instead of the rpmbuild stuff)

Free discussion:

  • The KDE-Sig was asked from the compiz-fusion maintainers to write a utility to switch kwin/compiz.
  • There were some discussion about replacing beryl with compiz-fusion on the livecd. But at the moment there is no config tool for cmpiz-fusion so it was decided to leave beryl for now