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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl


  • Discussion about possible failures in Fedora 8 Test2
  • kdesktop and symlinked wallpapers (#290571 )
  • Needed fonts on the livecd (Thread on fedora-desktop-list )
  • KDE 4 development environment review requests (kdelibs4, qimageblitz, kdebase4)



  • #290571 should be workarounded by a hardlink instead of a symlink. ATM we don't know why this happens.
  • The current font list on the KDE LiveCD should be ok. Only fonts-malayalam should be brought into the discussion on fedora-devel-list
  • zenity should not require on yelp to avoid getting firefox/yelp/libbeagle on the live cd (#295091 )
  • The reviews for kdelibs4 , qimageblitz and kdebase4 still needs a reviewer. RexDieter will have a look at them.
  • kde-filesystem-3.90 is now in rawhide to help building the packages
  • After Release of F8 we could think about a "Fedora Mathematics Lab"-Spin based on KDE
  • #244930 could be resolved by switching to the kde-enterprise branch of kdepim. But no work has be done yet.