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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl




Release Notes:

  • The release notes should be edited directly in the matching sections
  • It would be good two have release notes in two sections:
  • Desktop: There aren't the workspace parts of KDE4
  • Devel: We provide a "KDE4 Development Platform" for developers (KevinKofler will write these one)

Package list for livecd:

  • the inclusion of kdebase-extras was a mistake
  • ktorrent is now used as "detault" in comps.xml and so on the livecd
  • with koffice-krita (and ktorrent) the current size is ~688 megs (i386)
  • package wishes should be mentioned here: SIGs/KDE/LiveCD/Fedora-8-Test3-KDE-Live
  • krusader
  • gtk-qt-engine (the discussion was open if it will be useful or only works with plastik)
  • kmenu-gnome (the decision was not to include it)
  • kasablanca (konqueror/krusader could also do ftp)
  • basket (partly duplicated functionality with knotes)
  • mentioned but not discussed packages: apollon, kdetoys, rss-glx-kde

Get more people involved in the KDE-SIG:

  • The discussion hasn't found an end. Possible solutions:
  • Divide them into "in KDE interested people" and "developers"
  • mark them as "active/inactive" (that was no good discussion at the same topic at the amabassadors)
  • we should think about the diplomatic problems that may occur and discuss that again

Status of compiz-fusion:

  • At the moment compiz-fusion is not configurable inside kde due to missing "compiz-fusion-icon" (aka beryl-manager). So we should stick with beryl for now
  • We should ping the maintainers what's their plan with compiz-fusion in KDE is (SebastianVahl will do that)

KDM Theme for Infinity:

  • We weren't able to do any own work at the porting from the gdm theme to kdm
  • RexDieter will ask the fedora-artwork to to the porting for us (we could take it up ourselves later if there is no progress)


  • kmail in enterprise branch seems to work with imap filtering again.
  • An update for kdepim will be pushed to rawhide and f7-updates-testing

open discussion:

  • We were asked by DavidWoodhouse if we could do some bluetooth testing in KDE. RexDieter will try to find some people.
  • ThanNgo has closed #244611 today but we haven't had the time to check it.
  • SebastianVahl asked if a KDE 4 Development Spin would be worth to produce: With deskop packages or after Release of Fedora 8 as an inofficial spin