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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl





  • The actual bits of KDE4 hitted rawhide and were also pushde to f7-stable-updates

#298991 - Status of knetworkamanger:

  • knetworkmanager will miss test3 and be replaced by nm-applet and gnome-keyring-daemon
  • gnome-keyring maybe a regression to kwallet because it don't support keyless keyrings

#290571 - kdesktop and symlink default:

  • This bug was already fixed so there was nothing to discuss

#295631 - (RFE) Adjust the standard colour scheme to match to default wallpaper:

  • This bug was a suggestion because the current plastic colour scheme doesn't match the infinity wallpaper very well
  • SebastianVahl will try to play around with some colours

#313431 - fedorainfinity-kdm-theme:

  • RexDieter will try to review this package in the next days

#276521 - please apply qt-copy patches 0079 and 0080:

  • ThanNgo is still the only maintainer for qt
  • RexDieter will try to get his comaint request approved by rel-eng/fesco

Open Discussion:

  • RexDieter asked if someone would complain if he would extract the kdebase4-runtime into a subpackage