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Meeting Time


  • RexDieter
  • KevinKofler
  • SebastianVahl
  • ArthurPemberton (pembo13_com)
  • LaithJuwaidah
  • AdelGadllah (drago01)
  • SuneVuorela (pusling)


  • Last preparations for Fedora 8 (main topic)
  • KDE-Bits for the Release Summary
  • Status of inclusion of kde-desktop-effects in f8-final
  • Prepare for the next development cycle (basically KDE 4.0 and kdebase-workspace)



Last preparations for Fedora 8:

  • New ksplash with InfinityTheme was imported into kde-settings
  • Some multilib and upgrade path issues were fixed by RexDieter this morning
  • Also strigi-libs has got some multilib fixes

KDE-Bits for the Release Summary:

  • Things that could/should be mentioned or enhanced:
  • kde-desktop-effects
  • knetworkmanager and nm-applet
  • KDE 4 Development Platform

Status of inclusion of kde-desktop-effects in f8final:

  • compiz-manager was approved by rel-eng for inclusion.
  • during the meeting there was the confirmation that kde-desktop-effects would be included into compiz-kde
  • So only compiz-kde needs to be approved by rel-eng to be included in f8final
  • compiz-kde was also added as default to kde-desktop group in comps.xml

Prepare for the next development cycle (F9, kde4, all that jazz):

  • The next development cycle is almost covered by KDE 4.0 (ETA: Dec, 11 2007)
  • There must be made a decision which bits of KDE3 should be kept (at least kdebase3 and kdelibs3)
  • kdegames4 and kdeedu4 are already done
  • importing kdebase(4)-workspace and re-placing the Conflicts/Provides/Obsoletes has to be done mostly together
  • Due to the work that Upstream has done to minimize the conflicts, many of the current hacks could be removed
  • kdebase3 will need a lot of purging to keep only the stuff which doesn't conflict
  • KDE4 should be imported into Rawhide asap

Open discussion:

  • The now used kdepim-enterprise would be merged into KDE 3.5.9 by upstream
  • There were some discussion (or guessing) if kmail would be shipped with kdepim4 by upstream
  • So we have to probably ship kdepim3


(These comments are written after the meeting)