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Meeting Time


  • ArthurPemberton (pembo13_com)
  • KevinKofler
  • LaithJuwaidah
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl
  • PavelShevchuk (Stalwart)


  • Introduce new KDE-SIG-Members
  • Nodoka-Theme for KDE (Thread on fedora-art-list )
  • Changing the wallpaper every hour - infinity-24 (complete)
  • Planned early updates for F8
  • The weekly talk about KDE4 (status of kdebase-workspace and so on)



Nodoka-Theme for KDE:

  • LaithJuwaidah has adapted Nodoka-Metacity-Theme to dekorator
  • We will probably need to port dekorator to KDE4 (because it's maintainer seems to stop working on it)
  • Another option would be to use native port for kwin4
  • A third option would be to use the code of polyester (it's looking is fairly close the same and is available for KDE3 and KDE4)
  • It's still undecided in which package it should be put
  • The theme would only be available as an optional update and not set as default in Fedora 8

Changing the wallpaper every hour:

  • LaithJuwaidah has written a perl script to change the wallpaper every hour (like Gnome does now with Infinity wallpaper)
  • using this script with kdewebdesktop would be prefered over an usage in cron

supposed early updates for F8:

  • KDE 3.95.0 development platform
  • There are also some minor updates in kde-settings and fedorainfinity-kdm-theme
  • kdegames4 as an replacement for kdegames(3) would only be an option if sound is working

The weekly talk about KDE4:

  • kdelibs4 for KDE 3.95.0 is already done, kdepimlibs will follow
  • kdebase-runtime will be included into existing kdebase4
  • We will need reviews for the splitting of KDE4's kdebase package


(These comments are written after the meeting)