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Meeting Time


  • KevinKofler
  • LaithJuwaidah
  • MaryEllenFoster
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl


  • Progress of the inclusion of KDE4 into rawhide
  • recent bugs



kde4 in rawhide, progress:

  • packages:
  • the main package of kde4, kdebase-workspace, is already in rawhide
  • extragear-plasma was submitted for review (#409401 )
  • kdemultimedia(4) contains only some few ported apps. We'll maybe have to ship a compat-kdemultimedia(3) package and/or include some packages from extragear (kmid, kaudciocreator)
  • also taxipilot requires kdemultimedia3 (which maybe could be fixed)
  • kdewebdev has to be shipped in kde3 version (quanta isn't ported to kde4)
  • kopete also has to be shipped in kde3 version (until it works in kde4)
  • next packages to import:
  • kdeaccessibility, kdeartwork (RexDieter)
  • kdegraphics, kdesdk (KevinKofler)
  • RexDieter has made some changes to comps-f9.xml
  • ThanNgo has been working to fixup kdm issues
  • kde-settings should be hostet at
  • SebastianVahl has started work on the livecd

recent bugs:


(These comments are written after the meeting)