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Meeting Time


  • KevinKofler
  • LukasTinkl
  • SebastianVahl
  • ThanNgo


  • topics to discuss:
  • Trolltech's Phonon GStreamer backend
  • kdemultimedia3 compat package?
  • API documentation
  • Live images for KDE4
  • development progress: the road to kde4



Trolltech's Phonon GStreamer backend:

  • Trolltech has committed a GStreamer backend for phonon which will likely become the upstream default for kde 4.1
  • We'll have to wait until it gets usuable and use xine-lib for now

kdemultimedia3 compat package?

  • at least taxipilot is relying on aRts-related libraries provided by kdemultimedia 3 which has now broken dependencies
  • Also it's possible that some apps will fail at runtime due to trying to load some aRts modules which were in kdemultimedia3 and not finding them
  • If we create a kdemultimedia3 we should make sure phonon, arts and pulseaudio work together
  • taxipilot itself isn't ported to kde 4 yet
  • there was no consensus if we drop taxipilot because of it's unmaintained kde4 state, patch it to don't use arts or create a kdemultimedia3 package
  • If we create a kdemultimedia3 package we have to get it reviewed because it's not existing in cvs

API documentation:

  • API documentation for kde 4 is currently not packaged but should be included in the future as -apidocs subpackages
  • A suggestion by RexDieter was to package them seperately to get them noarch
  • But this would mean to duplicate many spec files
  • the current decision was to package them as a part of the current specs

Live images for KDE4:

  • SebastianVahl created a tracker bug for monitoring the current MUST/SHOULD solve issues for the live images: #421891
  • #422061 is working with selinux in permissive mode since yesterdays rawhide push
  • in comparison to the kde3 live images the following applications were dropped: krusader, koffice-krita, twinkle and ktorrent
  • the current package list: CurrentPackageList
  • One of the biggest remaining issues is the non-working installer (#424811 ). JeremyKatz said he has a hack to workaround this

development progress: the road to kde4:

  • kdeadmin, kaider and extragear-plasma are in rawhide now, kde-l10n is still being reviewed (#421231 ).
  • the kde4 port of bluecurve is also awaiting review (#425872 )
  • /usr/share/doc/HTML/en/common was splitted into a kdelibs-common subpackage (# 417251 )

recent bugs:

  • flash plugin seems to be still not working on x86_64 (#410651 )
  • but this seems to be an issue of nspluginwrapper and a separate bug report against nspluginwrapper is needed


(These comments are written after the meeting)