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Meeting Time


  • DennisGilmore
  • KevinKofler
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl
  • ThanNgo
  • "fengshaun" (IRC-Nick)
  • "No5251" (IRC-Nick)




feedback of kde-4.0.0 live image:

  • good feedback:
  • should be verified which problems should go upstream and which ones to our bugzilla
  • we should try to test vesa support and get a testing matrix up (it seems to run on some machines and on some not)
  • Everyone with an intel graphics card should test the livecd with xdriver=vesa
  • RexDieter will also set up a torrent for the livecd

preparing for Fedora 9 Alpha:

  • problems with kde-l10n/kde-i18n should be sorted out until the alpha freeze (conflicts between kde3 and kde4)
  • ThanNgo will take care about that
  • decision about alternative menu as default was postponed to kde-4.0.1 (it was implemented last minute in kde-4.0.0 and isn't configurable (yet))

swfdec is proposed to be installed by default in Gnome spin. What about konqueror?:

  • swfdec-konqueror was only initially imported but no further commits were done
  • Klash (the kpart of gnash) should also be verified but must be ported to kde4
  • We'll add "finding a flash solution" to our todo list for F9

KDE 4.0.0 at Useful to get testers or too much work?

  • RexDieter will work on getting kde-4.0.0 into kde-redhat-unstable for Fedora 8

Open discussion:

  • SebastianVahl is thinking about replacing kaffeine with dragonplayer on the live images. But the latter lacks some features in comparison to kaffeine
  • Okteta finally got a reviewer
  • Quarticurve-KWin's review is mostly finished
  • RahulSanduram is thinking about writing an article on KDE 4 for Red Hat Magazine and asked for generall interest and possible reviewers.


(These comments are written after the meeting)