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Meeting Time


  • KevinKofler
  • LukasTinkl
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl




Preparing for Fedora 9 Alpha:

  • rawhide is now frozen and kde should be ready for Fedora 9 Alpha

Upgrade path to KDE-4.0.0 (experiences from kde-redhat):

  • kdebase-workspace should be installed automatically during an upgrade (either in @kde-desktop or with Obsoletes: kdebase < 4)
  • Some upgraders seems to have problems with kdelibs/kdelibs4 -> kdelibs3/kdelibs

Compiz and KWin decorations (Compiz still uses old KWin 3 decorations):


  • Packages that are obsolete now: d3lphin, kdeaddons, marble, ksudoku
  • Missing packages: extragear-plasma, kaider, okteta, kdegames3, kdeaddons-atlantikdesigner

Open discussion:

  • Kubuntu is workarounding #378041 and #428212 for KDE3 with hacks.
  • The patches needs to be ported to KDE4. But there is enough time until F9 to allow some time for hal to get fixed
  • LukasTinkl mentioned that upstream KDE would probably never support PolicyKit
  • knetworkmanager-0.7 branch (for NetworkManager-0.7) isn't compiling yet


(These comments are written after the meeting)