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Meeting Time


  • DennisGilmore
  • KevinKofler
  • LukasTinkl
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl


  • topics to discuss:
  • PolicyKit integration (#428212 )
  • kde-settings and KDE 4 (#426153 )
  • last preparations for the beta
  • release notes



PolicyKit integration:

  • no progress

kde-settings and KDE 4:

  • KDE 4 wants the profile directory settings in /etc/kde4rc, not /etc/kderc.
  • kde-settings now creates that file.
  • There is also a bug in kdelibs where kdeglobals isn't found in the profile directory which is now fixed by a patch.
  • So our fedora specific KDE settings are being honored now.

last preparations for the beta:

  • khelpcenter issue for KDE 3 apps is fixed in kdebase-runtime.
  • Package naming change: qt -> qt3 / qt4 -> qt
  • The proper provides will be added to qt(3) after the meeting and it will be included in Fedora 9 Beta.
  • The renaming of the packages will happen ASAP but after the beta.
  • kdm and SELinux (#421951 ):
  • kdm should now be able to login the user but still prints some warnings.
  • KevinKofler tracked down the code that is most likely what SELinux doesn't like.
  • Because the issue is down to warnings it isn't a blocker anymore but it's still worth to be fixed.
  • We're waiting for DanielWalsh at the moment if he could help us with it.
  • knetworkmanager
  • knetworkmanager will be made EOL because there is not much progress of supporting NetworkManager-0.7 und current svn code is still busted and would also lack features in comparison to nm-applet.
  • Without knetworkmanager being a dummy package for nm-applet we could do parallel testing with the real knetworkmanager when it actually builds.
  • DennisGilmore will set up a FAQ for knetworkmanager on this.
  • NetworkManager-gnome will be installed by default on the live images.
  • If it will be default also in @kde-desktop will be decided later and depends on if Networkmanager will be used in default setup in Fedora 9.

release notes:

  • Beta release notes should be fine.
  • KevinKofler will write the beats for KDE ASAP (deadline is 16 March 2008).


(These comments are written after the meeting)