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Meeting Time


  • GeraldCox
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl
  • ThanNgo




Summary of problems in Fedora 9 Beta:

  • Due to the slip of the Beta release there are no known reports yet.

Artwork: KDM Theme and KSplash:

  • There will be no GDM theme for Fedora 9 which we can adopt because of some significant changes to gdm.
  • So if we want to use a Fedora themed KDM we need some help from artists.
  • Otherwise the upstream default theme (circles) will be the default for Fedora 9.

No administrator mode in systemsettings:

  • This issue was reported several times on the mailing lists.
  • It is known upstream but not fixed in KDE 4.0.2.
  • ThanNgo will check if it is fixed in svn trunk.

kickoff vs. simple menu?:

  • Kickoff is not very usable with low resolutions and also some users complained about it on the mailing lists.
  • The proposal here is to make the simple menu the default menu in Fedora 9 to simulate the old kicker style menu.
  • The KDE SIG is undecided in this question.
  • So we will bring the discussion to fedora-devel-list (or fedora-desktop-list) for wider audience.

#438547: nas: pkg split:

  • The "Network Sound Daemon" (nas) is always started by default in a default installation.
  • Parts from nasd (%{_libdir}/ are required for arts and qt4-x11/-doc/-devel.
  • It seems that no package in Fedora is using nasd.
  • The proposal is to split %{_libdir}/* into a nas-libs sub package to fulfill the requirements for arts and qt4.
  • So nas (the package and the sound daemon nasd) itself will not be installed by default but still will be available in the repository.
  • Once qt-4.4 will be in rawhide, nas support should be dropped.
  • But the final decision is up to FrankBüttner, the maintainer of nas.

#436579: apidocs subpackage should be noarch:

  • The size of kdelibs-apidocs is quite huge (about 250 megs) and the package is available for each architecture.
  • Every single update will also create an arch-dependent update of the apidocs sub package.
  • The solutions for this could be:
  • using the same hooks as the kernel-doc package
  • maintaining two SRPMS, one arch specific and one noarch
  • get rpm to create noarch sub packages
  • RexDieter will explore the implementation of building from a single source (like kernel-doc).


(These comments are written after the meeting)