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Meeting Time


  • GeraldCox
  • KevinKofler
  • LukasTinkl
  • MarieEllenFoster
  • RexDieter
  • SebastianVahl
  • ShawnStarr
  • ThanNgo


  • topics to discuss:
  • Celebrating the release of Fedora 9 :)
  • Dropping Phonon "ALSA default device" hack? [1]
  • _qt4_bindir (reverted for now due to [2] , what next?)
  • Status of kpackagekit (1 )
  • iclock applet (International Clock applet for Qt4/KDE4) - comments, opinions, inclusion into F10 [3]
  • Recapitulate the way to F9 and initial release planning for F10



Celebrating the release:

  • Fedora's KDE4 got mentioned in a Distrowatch Feature .
  • There were some reports that spell-checking in kate is broken.

dropping Phonon "ALSA default device" hack?:

  • In the past we used a hack to force Phonon to use Alsa by default if native PulseAudio support was broken.
  • Since xine-lib-pulseaudio is more reliable the hack will be dropped.

qt4 bindir:

  • the use of %{_bindir} as %{_qt4_bindir} was reverted because it causes/fixes some bugs: #446167 and #422291 .
  • Instead of this the following solution will be used:
  • keep %{_qt4_bindir} and %{_bindir} separate.
  • move the executables to %{_bindir}.
  • keep %{_qt4_bindir} as a directory and use symlinks from there to %{_bindir} (or wrapper scripts if that works better).
  • This allows us to keep only qmake-qt4 in %{_bindir} and both qmake and qmake-qt4 in %{_qt4_bindir} for F8 and possibly F9, and only have a %{_bindir}/qmake in qt 4 in F10+.

status of kpackagekit:

  • RichardHughes mentioned a KDE frontend for PackageKit in his blog .
  • LukasTinkl will have a closer look at kpackagekit.

iclock applet (International Clock applet for Qt4/KDE4):

  • LukasTinkl created a clock applet fot Qt4/KDE4 and asked for feedback.
  • He will also submit a package for review to include this in F10.

Planning for F10:

  • KDE's core components in Rawhide are now at 4.0.72 (4.1 alpha1 + 1 week).
  • kdepim needs work.
  • libopensync-plugin-kdepim needs to be upgraded to a development snapshot.
  • basket also needs to be upgraded to a KDE4 based snapshot (or basket support in kdepim needs to be disabled).
  • kdevelop: needs kdevplatform packaged and reviewed.
  • kde-l10n: kdepim and kdevelop will be handled first before the translations from kde-i18n will be switched to kde-l10n.
  • kdewebdev will stay at kde-3.5 because Quanta won't be ready for KDE 4.1.
  • RexDieter started to work on koffice-2.


(These comments are written after the meeting)