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Meeting Time


  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.


Please update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started. Put the most relevant topics to the head.
  • topics to discuss:
    • KDE translations: rel-eng considers status-quo's separately packaged translations hard to manage. How to pitch a change to upstream?
  • recent bugs:
    • Qt 4 uses Nimbus Sans L (Helvetica) instead of DejaVu Sans (Sans Serif), [1]
    • kdm pam settings need to sync with gdm [2]
    • Hyperlinks from KDE4 do not open correctly in Firefox, [3]
    • kdelibs.i386 conflicts with kdelibs.x86_64, [4]
    • seahorse-agent should only autostart in GNOME (kde-settings uses vanilla gpg-agent), [5]



  • The summary will be posted after the meeting.


(These comments are written after the meeting)