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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • kde-4.1.2 status
    • mysql-embedded for amarok2, bug #149829
    • libkipi framework: kdegraphics, Digikam in F10
    • kpackagekit status
    • knetworkmanager status
    • F-10/kde artwork, theme.
    • echo-icon-theme status report



kde-4.1.2 status:

  • All packages are already imported and built for F9 and F10.
  • kde-settings in F9 will be updated and the F10 version will be bumped to don't overlap anymore.

echo-icon-theme status report:

  • The default icon theme in F10 will still be Oxygen/Fedora-KDE.
  • There will be likely not enough time to fix all the missing icons for F10.
  • A report of echo-icon-theme in KDE lists many missing icons.
  • A wiki page about missing icons in KDE was set up.

mysql-embedded for amarok2:

  • The next beta of amarok2 will use mysql-embedded which isn't available in Fedora.
  • An old RFE also requests this enhancement (#149829).
  • We'll need to talk to the mysql-maintainers to make it possible to ship a mysql-embedded package in F10.
  • In a worst-case-scenario we'll have to fall back to amarok1 in F10.

libkipi framework: kdegraphics, Digikam in F10:

  • The respins of kdegraphics-4.1.2 removed the updated libkipi framework which is needed by the latest Digikam beta.
  • If this won't be reverted upstream we'll have to use the older beta version of digikam or or patch in the libkipi framework from kdegraphics' trunk.

kpackagekit status:

  • kpackagekit-0.1 was released on 29 Sep 2008 and should now provide the same functionality as gnome-packagekit:
  • kpackagekit will be added to kde-desktop group in comps as default to get some testing.
  • At this time there were no conclusion about replacing gnome-packagekit also on the live media.
  • Packages for F9 could be provided when PackageKit-0.3 is available as an update.

knetworkmanager status:

  • The latest svn version of knetworkmanager in Rawhide is now able to build and is at least basically working.
  • Though, it won't be installed by default and @kde-desktop will still use Networkmanager-gnome as default
  • But the release notes for F10 will mention the existence of knetworkmanager as a technology preview.

F-10/kde artwork, theme:

  • We'll need at least a KDM theme and a KSplash for the Artwork of Fedora 10.
  • KushalDas is working on a KDM theme based on SamueleStorari's mockup.
  • SamueleStorari will also provide a mockup for KSplash.
  • Also kde-settings must be prepared for the desktop backgrounds.


(These comments are written after the meeting)