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Meeting Time



  • recent bugs:
    • #468889- undefined symbol: ldap_int_tls_destroy



Systray backport

  • This is a backport of KDE 4.2's systray which replaces the systray plasmoid entirely.
  • The main reason for including this would be the high visibility of ugly backgrounds of the KDE4 systray applets.
  • As this backport was proposed by JaroslavReznik who wasn't present at meeting time the decision was postponed.

Desktop User Guide

  • (This topic wasn't discussed)

additional packages for live images (~20 megs free)

  • Since the input-methods group was removed from fedora-live-base.ks there is plenty of free space.
  • These packages were added after the Preview release was composed: digikam, kdeedu-kstars, konq-plugins, pavucontrol, twinkle.
  • One proposal was lancelot which will be included in the next push of the kickstart.
  • There were no other packages proposed, so the remaining free space (about 20 megs minus lancelot) could be used for localized spins.

#468889 - undefined symbol: ldap_int_tls_destroy

  • "kcmshell4 kdm" crashes with an undefined symbol error after hitting cancel.
  • As a workaround for this kcm_kdm will be linked against ldap.
  • This change will be tagged as f10-final as soon as possible.

Open discussion:

  • Plans for KDE 4.1.3:
    • KDE 4.1.3 is scheduled to be released on Nov 05 2008.
    • As it's too risky to include it in F10-release, it will be released as an update for F10.
    • KDE 4.1.3 will also be released as an update for F9.
  • battery applet:
    • Because of guidance the battery applet will be removed from the default setting.


(These comments are written after the meeting)