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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • KDE 4.1.4 (being tagged on 10th Dec)
    • kopete-cryptography status
    • kde-redhat/unstable kde-4.1.80 f10 builds
    • rawhide: 4.1.82, kdebindings, kde-l10n
    • kpackagekit, broken deps, bug #475303
    • package wishlist: libmsn
    • KDE4 #fedora-classroom session
  • recent bugs:
    • krunner (aka minicli aka Alt+F2) not remembering typed commands between sessions




  • KDE 4.1.4 is scheduled to be tagged tomorrow, but KDE's release engineers are considering a delay.
  • When it is finally tagged the work will start to provide updates for F9 and F10.
  • Also the relevant bits in F8 will get an update.

krunner (aka minicli aka Alt+F2) not remembering typed commands between sessions:

  • This happens in KDE 4.1 and is reported to be fixed in KDE 4.2
  • Further investigations are needed to see what needs to be fixed.

kopete-cryptography status:

  • kopete-cryptography wasn't able to handle some encrypted messages
  • JaroslavReznik has provided patches for this issue so the initial package will come soon.

kde-redhat/unstable kde-4.1.80 f10 builds:

  • RexDieter rebuilt all KDE 4.1.80 rpms for kde-redhat-unstable repository.
  • Some other packages with broken deps were rebuild, too (mostly plasma related packages).
  • Also an unnofficial, unbranded live image will probably be provided.

rawhide: 4.1.82, kdebindings, kde-l10n:

  • The initial import of KDE 4.1.82 into rawhide has started.
  • This is just a weekly snapshot and the benefits of this could be short-time fixes.
  • But newer snapshots (besides official Betas or RCs) will likely only be included if there is enough free time (and will).
  • Support for ruby and smoke is currently broken and disabled in kdebindings.
  • Although there are no packages using this at the moment, KevinKofler will try to fix these issues.
  • Also kde-l10n is currently not building. But in this case there is no time pressure for fixing it and so updated packages likely won't be released soon.

kpackagekit, broken deps, bug #475303

  • (unfinished)

package wishlist: libmsn:

  • libmsn is needed for MSN support in KDE 4.2's kopete.
  • This would be a good start for new KDE-SIG-Member who are needing sponsorship.

KDE4 #fedora-classroom session:

  • (unfinished)

Open discussion:

  • (unfinished)


(These comments are written after the meeting)