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Meeting Time





  • kudos to SMParrish for recent bug triage
  • KDE 4.1.4
    • respin of kdebase (kdebase-4.1.4-2.fc{9,10}) due to upstream changes to release (regression)
    • current status: testing
  • kde42 blocker (
    • jreznik is working on libv4l2 support for Kopete, but it's not considered as "the must be done" blocker (rhbz#475623)
      • xine-lib needs libv4l patch too
    • the indi support in kdeedu isn't strictly a blocker but it's a regression (rhbz#478539)
    • desktop effects defaults bug should be filled
  • desktop effects defaults
    • considering defaults for F9 & F10 to be off and on for F11+ or just on by default everywhere their "self-test" passes?
      • but test crashes X server sometimes (worst case)
    • ltinkl discuss it with seli
      • decision postponed until ltinkl gets Seli's opinion
  • mysql-server requires for akonadi
    • akonadi does not work without mysql server and there is no alternative
    • splitting packages which requires akonadi?
      • kdepim requires akonadi
      • gnome user use case - they don't need everything from KDE
      • leads to discussion about splitting of System Settings - KCM modules all around KDE's sources


(These comments are written after the meeting)