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Meeting Time



  • topics to discuss:
    • desktop effects defaults in 4.2 (ltinkl asked seli)
    • split akonadi in kdepimlibs in subpackage
    • disabling gpk-update-icon for KDE
    • live CD size issues
  • recent bugs:



  • desktop effects defaults in 4.2
    • seli says, it's safe to enable effects by default as OpenSUSE does
    • there is self test but it can't detect crashes, problems with gfx drivers, speed, etc.
    • default enabled in rawhide
    • default disabled for F9, F10? - it's safer (avoids potential regressions)
    • but we have time to make final decision, we are not sure now
    • F11 final based on feedback from Rawhide
    • KDE 10 live with 4.2 with AMD/ATI & NVidia drivers for testing purposes?
  • split akonadi in kdepimlibs in subpackage
    • part of kdepimlibs
    • more kdepim apps are ported to Akonadi
    • we need info what requires Akonadi
    • than is going to look for it
  • disabling gpk-update-icon for KDE
    • upgrade paths concerns - no kpackagekit = no updater
    • bug KPackageKit sometimes forgets setting not to auto-install security


    • kpackagekit currently not feature complete, but it is stable
    • question is how to replace gpk-update-icon autostart without breaking


  • live CD size issues
    • drop input methods?
    • mailing list


(These comments are written after the meeting)